Patriot Owner Robert Kraft’s Deflated Balls: The Smoking Gun in the Florida Spa Case

Tom Brady will be carried off the field this coming season multiple times with serious injuries. Anyone want to place a bet on that?


People think I’m nuts, about a lot of things, but nothing seems to prompt that belief more than when I write about the New England Patriots. I detest the team because its leaders — especially owner Robert Kraft, Coach Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady — have been cheating with impunity since at least 2001. That’s the year the Patsies won their first Super Bowl of the Brady era after the refs invented the Tuck Rule to give them a win against the Oakland Raiders in the first round of the playoffs.

In that case, the team didn’t actually cheat, as it did with Deflategate, Spygate, et al., it merely benefited from cheating and accepted its good fortune as if it was entitled to win all along. (Remind anyone else of Hillary Clinton?) This pattern continued up through last year’s playoffs, especially in the AFC championship game with the Kansas City Chiefs, who during the fourth quarter had a string of preposterous penalties called against them — including an absurd “neutral zone infraction” — that cheated them out of victory.

The Saints were cheated out of victory by the refs in last year’s NFC championship game and even the Rams players acknowledged it. The Patriots just cheat whenever possible and take shitty calls by the refs and rack up undeserved titles.

Another thing I hate about the Patriots, relatedly, is that there is no accountability. They cheat, the NFL covers up for the team or softens the blow when the cheating can’t be swept entirely under the rug, and the whole cycle starts again. Hitler at least had the decency to blow his brains out, or whatever he did, in his bunker; Tom Brady almost went to the Supreme Court to try to overturn his obvious use of deflated balls against the Colts in a playoff game a few years back. (The analogy is apt if imperfect.)

But karma’s a bitch. The refs carried White Boy to another Super Bowl last year even though he can’t throw the ball more than 20 yards downfield. This year is going to be his last, and I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts he suffers multiple legal head injuries. If there’s a just god, anyway.

Anyway, back to team owner Kraft. Can you imagine having all that money and still buying sex through a human trafficking network? What, you can’t simply call a willing overage man or woman to come to your estate or Motel 6 room and pay him or her for their time and labor?

Why am I writing all of this now? Because there’s news in the Kraft case, brought to you by USATODAY. Here’s a delightful excerpt:

Police used a fake bomb threat to clear out a Florida spa and install cameras as part of a prostitution investigation before New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others allegedly visited, according to a court filing made public Wednesday.

Kraft’s attorneys wrote in an expanded motion to suppress the video footage that Jupiter Police Department (JPD) officers “caused a phony ‘suspicious package’ warning to be issued for the Spa in order to force an evacuation so the JPD could install hidden cameras inside several of its private massage rooms, as well as in the Spa’s lobby.”

The newest motion again alleges police used “allusions to human trafficking” to secure the warrant.

Read it all here.

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