Our Ongoing Demolition of Glenn Greenwald’s Self-Serving Narrative About His Journalistic Heroism. Responses Thus Far Overwhelming Positive, but Fash Symp Ringleader Has His Defenders, Including a Few Smart Ones

Critics, of mine as well as of GG, were smart and generally nuanced, unlike Greenwald himself. But I think if you read this with an open mind, you'll have less respect for Greenwald afterwards. A lot less.


I’m a bit tired because I have been working since 5 am, like most days recently. Washington Babylon has been back for about two months, after a long break, and as anyone knows who’s following our work, we are back with a vengeance. Specifically, we are out to demolish Glenn Greenwald, and not just for the hell of it and not to spark a tedious inter-Left feud. We couldn’t do the latter even if we wanted to because GG (as I will sometimes refer to him henceforth, for brevity and levity) is not on the Left, he’s deeply entangled with a bunch of racists and Nazis. We have a growing list of stories on Greenwald, and the toxic ecosphere he operates in, so just go to our website, WashingtonBabylon.com, and check them all out. It’s not a pretty picture.

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OK, back to Greenwald.

As noted in earlier stories, a key point is that he’s not a journalist, he’s a lawyer by training and an advocate. An advocate for what? For GG and nothing else. He has no moral compass. I’ll have more on this aspect — GG is NOT a reporter or journalist — on Thursday, but check out my introduction to the series here, where I discuss it a bit.

In sum, GG is an attorney, not a reporter. I know I’ve already said that but it’s worth repeating. In his writing — he does write, if badly — he builds a case and discards any evidence that undermines his point of view. The worst part is that he believes his own bullshit. Also, yes, everyone is entitled to a criminal defense attorney but the criminal defense attorney is not obliged to fall in love with his Nazi client, as GG did with Matthew Hale, and then attack great groups like the Center for Constitutional Rights, which was less enamored of Hale’s disgusting acts than GG was.

Read that entire astonishing thread by David Neiwart, which utterly destroys GG and the self-serving narrative he’s created about his own would-be bravery and journalistic heroism. You’ll never be able to look at Glenn Greenwald in a positive light again.

Now to comments, and I will say GG has received minority support. Much of it can be dismissed because it comes from Tucker Carlson creepy-crawlers and other rightist dirtbags. But one writer, who wished to remain anonymous for legitimate reasons, said, about GG’s writing on Lava Jato, which played a key role in freeing former President Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva from an unjust prison term: “His work stands up, even if it a bit annoying, though probably for the best, that he was the face of the story as it took the heat off younger and more vulnerable journalists who did more of the work.” (That comment was very lightly edited for clarity.)

Here are other comments. And read until the end because I was savaged, deservedly, by Mohammad Salemy, who I respect and admire. However, he is a fan of Glenn’s, though he ripped me for something unrelated to my critique of him. Anyway, here you go with comments:

Patrick Levine Rose: Do you think the ghost of Christopher Hitchens is now inhabiting Glenn Greenwald’s body (and mind)? I watched Hitch slide from reliable Left Progressive Nation writer to Authoritarian Atheist Iraq War apologist. Greenwald’s evolution is not exactly the same —bit his rotten turn ideologically is in the same awful direction. Hitch was an iconoclast and celebrity journalist media hound like Greenwald.

Andrew Stewart (Disclosure: Washington Babylon writer and managing editor): Christopher had actual talent and a rather impressive literature education. Greenwald probably has no interest or desire for that sort of depth, he just pontificates aimlessly and endlessly about how cancel culture is coming to pillage and plunder his luxurious Rio mansion.

Doug Henwood: Serious question, to which I don’t know the answer: how much of GG’s investigative reporting has come on his own initiative, and how much is people just dumping things in his lap? I mean, whenever you criticize his shitty right-wing sympathies, his fans counter by pointing to his great work. But the Snowden and Car Wash docs were both over the transom, right? One does have to hack through thousands of words to get to a point. I mean…what has he broken or based on exclusive reporting recently?

Scott Horton: I’m convinced that Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlson are the same person. Persuade me that I’m wrong.

Tana Ganeva: I don’t get the people who’re like “He’s the bravest and most important journalist alive!” Like, ok, cool, he got famous when you could get famous from journalism if your style was ranty enough and the national security state didn’t like you. Also he does almost no reporting and mocks his former Intercept staffers who do.

It’s weird. It’s almost like because the Snowden story was basically a spy thriller, he got these like die-hard fans, who make excuses for absolutely UNprincipled behavior, a completely unhelpful perspective on most things (AOC is bad about immigration! I never say anything about Tucker!) Also, even helpful takes like his Russia skepticism…. like who did it convince? He singlehandedly fueled the careers of endless grifters by being so abrasive.

Bernardo Issel: I don’t understand how he could have taken Bolsonaro to task about various including handling the pandemic and Brazilian democracy, and then with good conscience go on Fox News which for the most part supported Trump in Bolsonaro-like actions re C19 and other matters.

Sam Husseini:

Carl Kandutsch: He lives in an incredibly beautiful place full of opportunities for living, yet he apparently chooses to spend every day and most of every night whining and insulting people on Twitter. He is narcissistic to a pathological degree, completely without any literary talent, has read nothing in his life and he seems to get measurably more self-involved every single day. I’d say he’s a hopeless excuse for a human being.

Mohammad Salemy (Highly recommend you read this to the end, where you’ll see brief comments by another writer and myself):

Ken Silverstein’s Washington Babylon published this yellow journalism piece on Glenn Greenwald and those who like him have departed from the mainstream left in the USA since the November elections. I have no strong opinion for or against Greenwald, though I consider him a serious journalist with an incredible track record. What I object to this story strongly is the writer’s characterization of Adam Lehrer as a failed artist. I tried to explain this to Ken in comments; the label failed artist is completely unacceptable and nothing but unethical and a horrendous insult towards someone with whom you disagree politically. The art world can only absorb less than 5 percent of those who spend decades of their lives studying and committing to the arts. The fact that Adam is not a famous artist is no indication of the quality of the art he has produced or the kind of artists he has been. 99 percent of living artists can agree with this statement. but not Ken, for him not only this label is ok but also he is willing to extend its reach, accusing me of being a failed artist myself. Thank you, Ken. this is the kind of leftist coalition these fuckers envision, one small enough to agree with every dictate coming from the left-wing of the democratic party, or those who openly or secretly support it. This is a publication that has decided to defend cancel culture, and go after anyone who thinks this Calvinist protestant and mostly American moralistic turn is a positive development worthy of being pursued by Marxists and other socialists/leftists. Dare you disagree, then Ken’s no name attack dogs, like the author of this text will come after you (search him on google he is more of a failed whatever, using Ken’s own measurement, as one cannot even tell who the is he and what he does in life; anything but another white male American liberal willing to libel people and insult them for not agreeing with the party line.) No Ken, you are wrong. The only failed artists we know off the top of our heads are Hitler and George Bush, or con artists like Obama who devastated the middle east and handed the helm to Trump or the other one Sanders who successfully folded socialism back into the low ranks of the Democratic party. I am posting your two comments under my original comment on your wall here (in comments) as screenshots because people need to see first had how arrogant and rude you yourself are, once you are criticized. Your lumpenism matches that of your low-quality libelous writers. I am ashamed of ever thinking that your publication or whatever the help you can call this yellow rag now, had potentials. Who is failing whom here and who is the real bobo then? Let other people decide.

Sawad Amornvivat: Sometimes art is failure by design

Me: And sometimes art is defined by failure. (Which I would argue to be the case with Greenwald.)

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