Our Amazing New Podcast: Second episode hits today, on baseball, eating arepas and horse flesh and two Shrinking Violets


Well, how much better can your Monday get? Sure, you’re going back to work but at least you have the second episode of Washington Babylon’s new podcast to listen to. And what a show it is.

Besides me and co-host and dear friend Monique Miles, you’ll hear from:

Peter Zalewski, my dear friend, Condo Vulture and Michael Moore scourge, who’ll talk about baseball, money laundering and Donald Trump and Miami real estate. Peter will explain how not to get hustled if you visit Miami — where you can visit me if I’m in town and pay between $1,000 and $10,000 to have lunch or dinner with me, or $5 to keep listening to our podcast  — and has an interesting theory about why the Marlins win a disproportionate share of Sunday day games despite generally being a weak team.

Carlos Ron, Venezuela’s chargé d’affaires and my dear friend, on his country’s politics, media coverage and favorite arepas.
@JudyJones1990 and BourgeoisAlien, two new pals and the Shrinking Violets — haha, there go your balls Eric Zorn — mentioned above. It’s an extraordinary and captivating interview which I haven’t actually heard yet because super weird new friend David Slavick conducted it. And hat tip to David, from whom I have learned a valuable lesson, as you’ll discover when you listen to my interview with Peter: when you interview someone for a podcast, you ask short questions and they give long answers. Revelation: YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY TALKING TO YOURSELF!!!!
Later this week we’ll have another amazing program, with:
—Our National Political Correspondent and my new pal Michael Sainato, talking about his exclusive findings on how the DNC rigged the primaries for Hillary [link] and the general swamp pool that is Washington, DC.
—Brazilian journalist Aline Piva, my dear friend and Head of the Brazil Unit at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, on the coup that overthrew the extraordinary former President Dilma Rouseff and the current witch hunt by a lawless judge to target former Workers Party (PT) founder and President president Lula da Silva.

—Controversial Washington lobbyist, paleocon and my dear friend James “Jim” Jatras, who has advocated for horse slaughter and other worthy goals. Click here to read my story, which Jim spoon fed me a few years ago over a plate of horse meat, “Voting ‘Neigh’ on the Horse Meat Ban.” This story was not only highly entertaining but also posed the existential question of this or any other millennium: “Is it okay to eat Arnold Ziffel but morally wrong to eat Mr. Ed?.”

Tragically you’ll have to pay to hear these shows, at least if you want to listen to  more than a few minutes, because we here at Washington Babylon need to eat and pay for things like health care, just like most of the rest of the country.
So if you’d like to support our work, please click here.
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