Remember how George W. Bush used nicknames? And now Trump does too. What’s that all about? The patriarchal naming function? And why won’t Poseur Pelosi hold Concentration Camp Man accountable for his myriad crimes? I guess it’s not surprising that her ethics are more utilitarian than categorical.

Meanwhile, concentration camps are popping up like mushrooms on the border of the rotting tree: Port Isabel, Adelanto, Hutto, Fort Sill, Dilley…

The tree, of course, to extend the metaphor (and return to the starting point of naming), is the phallus: law, order and coercive power… But will the fungi (the rhizomatic) devour the rotting tree, this rotting/failed State, without killing us all, too?

Either way, as the tree rots further even more greenhouse gases will be released. And as catastrophic climate change loosens the coercive order’s grasp even further (an order whose global warming, pollution, inequality, police violence and imperialist wars of aggression are outgrowths of a single instrumental logic of exploitation), it’ll squeeze all the more furiously; and you can be sure that these camps will be employed to aid in the endeavor.

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