NFL Roundup, Week 5: Should Blood-Sucking Capitalist Tom Brady Be Sent To a Stalinist Gulag?


If you’re looking for deep meaning in that headline, or any real meaning, you can stop now. But here’s a rough explanation.

First, I do a weekly NFL roundup and the hated Patriots played last Thursday — which I liveblogged on Twitter and Facebook, and that’s what this story is other than this top section — and my team the Redskins are off this week so I’m not paying much attention today.

Second, I used the image above during my liveblog — as you’ll see below — and I really love it so I wanted to use it as the cover pic for this story. It’s from a book called Communist Posters, which I recently bought and am thoroughly enjoying. Here’s another poster below, showing a blood-sucking capitalist.

Third, I have various associations with Communism, mostly very positive, but also gulags, which are kind of negative (though that partly depends on who they hold.)

Fourth, I loathe Tom Brady and wouldn’t mind seeing him in a gulag, so presto, you add it all up and it’s a great headline.

Anyway, I really need a break today so that’s all for now. Enjoy the NFL, or whatever you’re doing, and see you later in the week.



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