NFL Is On and I Get an Annoying Email About Some "Senate" Investigation

From “Big” Tim Cavanaugh at Real Clear Investigations. I was real clear in response.
Hi Ken,
Hope you have been well.
I’m working on a story about Glenn Simpson and Fusion G.P.S.
I’m hoping to speak with you, because your name has come up from several sources and in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
I’d like to get your thoughts on Glenn, Fusion G.P.S., Thor Halvorssen, and the 1996 book Dirty Little Secrets, co-written by Glenn and Larry Sabato.
Looking forward to speaking with you. I can be reached at this email address or by phone at 202 744 6573.
Thanks a lot!
Tim Cavanaugh
c 202 744 6573
My reply:
I didn’t know Glenn co-authored Dirty Little Secrets. I always thought Sabato was a typical Beltway asshole so I’m sort of surprised because I like Glenn a lot.
I’ve written about Thorzito and stand by all of it, and Glenn had zero to do with it, Halvorssen lied about it to the senate and his buttboy Lee Smith published it at the neocon Tablet.
I’ll talk to the clowns in the senate any time they want but beyond that I have nothing to say.
That’s all on the record.
New email from Tim:
Thanks a lot.

Just to confirm: Neither Glenn Simpson nor Fusion G.P.S. nor any of Fusion G.P.S.’s clients were sources for your coverage of Thor Halvorssen?
My reply:
Sorry, had to answer other messages.

I don’t know who GPS’s clients are but I sure as fuck didn’t talk any of them about the Thorzito. There’s no way. No one at GPS was a source for the story, neither Glenn nor anyone else. Glenn thought it was a stupid ass story.
I wrote the story mostly because I am a huge fan of Hugo Chavez and Thorzito and his family are part of the rancid old oligarchy. Also, I had been friendly with Thorzito until I realized he was a pathological liar and sociopath who couldn’t back up what he said. His bullshit human rights group did and maybe still does something about Hollywood stars getting paid big bucks to perform for dictators. Smaet idea but I think they were just repackaging stories other people did. I talked to Thorzito and asked him for details because I wanted to write something about it and he started telling me about how Beyonce or JLo, I think Beyonce, had taken millions to perform for Gaddafi (not as bad as he sounds) or someone like that and she got paid in gold into an offshore account. But he had no evidence to back it up, so he either made it up or had illegally obtained information. Thorzito is a dirty little liar, I wanted to write about him, I didn’t get prodded by anyone, and certainly not Glenn or anyone at GPS.
Are you the guy who worked at AMI with the shithead Miniter? I’m just curious, makes no difference to me either way.
Have a good evening. I’ll be curious what you write but I really don’t care.
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