UPDATED: New Developments With Humpty Trumpty: First Brother's activities cause concerns about corruption


I recently wrote a story in these pages — titled “Humpty Bumpty: Did president’s brother help Russian oil company win sweetheart deal?” — which concerned a man named Edward Akufo-Addo. This gentleman is the brother of the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, who was elected in December 2016.

I reported, based on solid evidence presented to me by an unimpeachable local source who is intimately familiar with Ghana and its oil industry, that Bumpty — as Edward, the president’s brother, is known, though I prefer Trumpty for reasons that by now are probably obvious — had been quietly helping Litasco, a Swiss subsidiary of Russian giant Lukoil, get a contract to provide Ghana with fuel oil.

You can read all about it in the earlier story, it’s actually quite extraordinary and outrageous and it will get your blood boiling fast because the deal is terrible for Ghana. Bumpty, I should note, rather vigorously disputed the story but I stand by it.

I also noted in that first story that the Trump administration hasn’t done dick about this murky deal so it looks like Lukoil is going to rip off Ghana. What’s not clear is whether Trump and his administration know about this apparent scandal or whether they are turning a blind eye.

In any case, now I’ve learned that Trumpty is involved in another rather curious deal. In this case, a company called Blystad Energy Management got an energy contract in Ghana even though technical agencies of the country’s Ministry of Oil had recommended it be awarded to another firm, Quantum Power.

It turns out that the ministry’s technical agencies had not even evaluated Blystad Energy when trying to decide who should get the contract. It also turns out that  Bylstad is a small, little known energy firm that only generates about $150 million a year, so it’s hard to see how it would be awarded a contract worth at least $2 billion.

It has also emerged, because the Oil Minister more or less publicly stated it and the country’s president has confirmed, that Russian energy giant Gazprom, which didn’t even bid for the deal, is a partner with Blystad and will be the main beneficiary of the contract. The president of Ghana is seeking to portray these shady happenings as being good for the people of Ghana, however I’ve been informed that it is in fact very bad for them, like the Litasco deal, but very good for Gazprom and Blystad — and Trumpty.

Because I’m also told — and documents I’ve seen broadly support this — that Trumpty exerted significant pressure on the Oil Minister to take the energy deal away from Quantum and give it to Gazprom/Blystad. I’m also told, getting back to Trumpty, that the latter would ultimately do very well for himself if Gazprom/Blystad got the deal and so he’s quite happy that he was able to exert influence on the oil minister.

A very well informed source told me that Blystad has incorporated Trumpty and/or his associates into its corporate structure. Gazprom is going to sell energy to Blystad and pay it commissions.

This story is a genuine scandal and I expect to be updating it from time to time.

For his part, Edward Akufo-Addo had this to say:

Dear Sir,
I would like to put you firmly on notice that I view your constant questioning me on matters of which I have nothing whatsoever to do with,as harassment.
The agencies responsible for the award of the contracts you refer to are in existence and your questions would obviously be best directed at them
Thank you
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