Neither Brains Nor Beauty: The Rudy Giuliani Story


I watched Rudy Giuliani answer questions at the “Globes” Capital Market conference and he was so sexist and disrespectful that for a moment I thought I’d stumbled into a time machine and gone back 50 years.  But then I remembered this is just how Team Trump speaks about women in this day and age.

When asked how Trump treats women, Rudy had the nerve to say, “Ask Ivanka.” Oh, really? You want us to ask Ivanka how her dad treats women? Ivanka, the daughter he called a “perfect 10,” the daughter he said he would date if she wasn’t his daughter?

Trump has openly sexualized his own daughter. I’ve done porn and I don’t have 1/10th of the Daddy issues that Ivanka must have.

Rudy says not everyone who does porn can be a porn star, and that he had never heard of Stormy Daniels before this. Oh Mr. Giuliani, for you to imply that Stormy isn’t beautiful is quite comical considering you look like the cousin of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. And you know, I’m sure a famous porn star isn’t as beautiful as your former cousin-wife, you incestuous moron. Am I being too mean, or just mean enough?

It’s ironic that Rudy says porn doesn’t respect women considering that Rudy and Trump are members of the Republican Party. You know, the party that doesn’t believe women deserve equal pay for equal work, that doesn’t believe women should be able to make their own decisions about their bodies.

And you know, Giuliani is representing Trump, who bragged on a hot mic about being able to grab women “by the pussy.” Ah yes, the ultimate sign of respecting women! I guess that’s just how Trump thinks you’re supposed to shake hands with the ladies.

Rudy says he doesn’t respect a porn star the same way as a career woman/”woman of substance.”

A) A porn star can still be a career woman/woman of substance. To imply otherwise is narrow minded and misogynistic. B) Rudy and Trump are not men of substance so I’m not sure where they get off judging others on this

Rudy wants to cross examine Stormy. Cool, let Michael Avenatti cross examine Trump first. I’m sure you guys have nothing to hide, right?!

Rudy, you had the balls to say that Stormy has no credibility because of the business she’s in. But you represent Trump, a serial bankruptcy-filing slumlord known for his bad debts, philandering, and cheesy reality TV persona. Who says HE deserves respect? Sorry, but President Grifter and the team supporting him deserves far less respect than those in the porn industry.

I would say you should stop using your sexism to deflect issues, but you’ve been such a spectacularly bad attorney/spokesperson for Trump that I’d like to encourage you to keep putting your foot in your mouth. We’re all really enjoying it.

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