Updated: My Thoughts on Donald Trump, the NFL and Tom Brady Heading Into Today's Games, Week III Edition

Donald Trump’s comments about NFL players and the national anthem are so stupid you’d think he’d played football without a helmet and protective gear. Beyond that, and speaking for myself, I love the NFL and hope it is never outlawed or altered in a way that makes it unrecognizable. The sheer beauty and grace of the athletes is unmatched by any other sport, including basketball and futebol, which I love as much.
Furthermore, in all honesty, for anyone honest, Tom Brady should be at best a two ring QB. That’s the most he would have had if the refs hadn’t fucked the Raiders in the tuck rule game; if the Patriots didn’t play in the shitty AFC East and always somehow get an easy schedule on top of divisional games (today vs. Houston. Surprise!); if Pete Carroll wasn’t a brainless twat and ordered Russell Wilson to throw the ball instead of handing it to (too Black) Marshawn Lynch to score the touchdown; if not for Andy Reid’s pathetic clock management in the Super Bowl where the Eagles and Donovan McNabb would otherwise have won (H/t to my brilliant son Gabriel on the Reid thingy, I’d forgotten about that); and if not for the Falcons’ pathetic collapse and some ridiculously bad luck.
Brady’s playoff stats and SB performance are generally worse than his regular season. He’s not a clutch performer, that proves, and is not close to being a Top Five NFL QB. (Peyton Manning and Joe Montana, among others, immediately spring to mind.) And on top of all that Brady and his coach and team are confirmed cheaters and, worst of all, Brady has never acknowledged it. This asshole is supposed to be a role model to children (sort of like me, for fuck’s sake) but instead he continues to lie and evade responsibility.
It kind of reminds me of Hillary Clinton. And Brady and his hillbilly coach are friends with Donald Trump, which alone should make him an outcast. Plus he typically has some dumbass haircut and he’s married to Giselle, the least attractive Brazilian model on the planet (and notably white, like the racist Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins fan base), and he adheres to some pathetic vegan (or worse) diet.
He’s a dirty little liar and overrated. And that’s beyond argument.
[Update: Great job by Deshaun Watson under pressure. Bill O’Brien is a fucking moron. Spike the ball? What are you planning to do with that timeout? I’d like to spike the ball up O’Brien’s fat ass. Still, how do you almost lose to the Texans, even with help from the refs and when the Texan defense doesn’t put pressure on Hitler? Haha, anyway, I’m going out for a bike ride, what a great day. Can’t wait to see the Redskins pummel the Raiders, though that is one of my favorite teams.
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