Mueller Busts or Mueller's a Bust? PR Journalism. Crypto Expert Stacy Herbert.


Mueller Busts or Mueller’s a Bust? PR Journalism. Crypto Expert Stacy Herbert.

Ken talks about why the dismissal of an FBI for pillow talk could up-end the Mueller probe and give credence to right-wing conspiracy theories about Hillary’s email scandal!

Peter Strzok welcome to the resistance!

Read More on CNN Politics:
FBI agent dismissed from Mueller probe changed Comey’s description of Clinton to ‘extremely careless’

Segment 2
Ken talks about the Washington Babylon pieces he’s most excited about this week…

Segment 3
And…how a former Buzzfeed reporter painted a pretty picture of a putrid punter in the Trump Administration.

Read More on Washington Babylon:
How Atlantic’s Rosie Gray Polished Image of Most Deranged Man in Trump Administration And Made Him Her Pet Source

Segment 4
Finally talk to crypto pioneer Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report about digital currency and how being at the wrong table at the wrong time landed her in neo mccarthyite cross hairs.

Find Stacy Herbert on Twitter: @stacyherbert
Watch the Keiser Report:

Hosts: Ken Silverstein and Monique Miles
Producer: David Slavick

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