Mom Pimps 11-Year-Old Daughter for Heroin

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April Corcoran is a 32-year-old Cincinnati suburbanite who got addicted to heroin and pimped out her 11-year-old daughter for drug money.

After Corcoran pleaded guilty to charges including complicity to rape, trafficking in persons and corrupting another with drugs, she was sentenced July 19 to 51 years to life in prison, reports the Cincinnati CBS affiliate WKRC.

Shandell Willingham is the dealer who exchanged drugs for sex with the girl. He faces various charges, including rape, gross sexual imposition, and trafficking in persons.

According to investigators, Willingham also made the child take heroin against her will. She is now in the custody of her father and stepmother.

Corcoran’s case is a footnote to the growing heroin epidemic in the United States. Heroin-related deaths in this country have nearly quadrupled in the past 15 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Formerly a problem confined to inner-city slums, the demographics of heroin addiction have changed dramatically. In the last decade, almost 90 percent of first-time heroin users were white, most of whom were either middle class or wealthy, reports The New York Times.

Human trafficking linked to the heroin epidemic is also not uncommon. In Ohio, the Attorney General’s office actually has a Human Trafficking Task Force, reports So far, it has identified 84 such cases in the state.

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