Miscellanea: The heir to Hunter Thompson, haha; GOP Tax Cut Plan Not Quite Normal; Appeal for Cash


1/ I don’t know what’s dumber in this moronic New York Times story, the fact that John Heilemann, co-author of the the banal “Game Change” book series with sexual assaulter Mark Halperin, expects us to believe that he “had never heard of, been exposed to or had any inkling of the notion that he [Halperin] had engaged in any behavior that could be described in even the broadest sense of being sexual harassment or sexual assault;” or, and I’m pretty sure it’s this, that the article’s author, Michael Grynbaum, writes, “For years, Mr. Halperin played the Washington insider to Mr. Heilemann’s freewheeling descendant of Hunter S. Thompson, whose likeness he uses for his Twitter profile.”

Whatever you think of Thompson, and I’m a big fan, that is a slur on his name.

2/ How about those Republicans — crafting a major law with the intent of punishing entire states that don’t vote for them. Yep, it’s true, according to this awkwardly written Reuters story, which you probably read ages ago. It’s sort of expected but still, this is not normal. Plus I need a filler item.

Democratic-leaning states are set to bankroll a big chunk of the tax cuts unveiled in a Republican tax plan on Thursday, as the plan slashes deductions used the most by residents of states that voted against Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.

The bill, introduced by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means on Thursday, took aim at state and local tax deductions as one part of its plan to pay for reductions in taxes elsewhere. Overall, the plan would reduce federal revenues by roughly $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

The bill eliminates the most widely-used deduction – income tax – and caps property tax deductions, the second most-used, at $10,000. State and local deductions are used largely by high-tax states that tend to vote Democratic in presidential elections and local officials say the tax bill appeared to divide its benefits and burdens along partisan lines.

“I do think this has been developed in a way that looks at who were the prevailing forces in the presidential election and who were not,” Kevin Sullivan, Connecticut’s Commissioner of Revenue Services, told Reuters.

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