Miscellanea: Marco Rubio, NYT's 2020 Pick; Tom Friedman, Saudi Pet; Tom Brady, Diet and Football Fraud


1/ The New York Time‘s moronic characterization of Florida Senator Marco Rubio as a “longtime champion of the working class,” has already been widely and deservedly mocked. In addition to showing just how shitty the Times has become over the past few years, it also demonstrates that Rubio will be the establishment’s GOP pick for 2020, just as he was in 2016.

The mention came in a piece about the tax bill and notes that sleazy little Marco — who I will gratuitously mention here once helped his cocaine-dealing brother-in-law get a real estate license — had “tried in vain to secure a more generous tax break for lower-income Americans as Congress embarked on a sweeping rewrite of the federal tax code”:

With the hours winding down on a final version of the bill and a frantic push to pass it along party lines in a narrowly-divided Senate, Mr. Rubio took a stand: He threatened to vote no unless House and Senate negotiators expanded the child tax credit.

It was a dramatic moment, as those on Capitol Hill and beyond wondered if Mr. Rubio was grandstanding, bluffing or both. But for Mr. Rubio, it was a natural extension of the promise he believes the Republican Party had made, and was in danger of abandoning, to look out for the little guy.

“If you look at all the benefits that are flowing,” particularly to multinational corporations, Mr. Rubio said in a telephone interview, “it was important to be able to go back and do more for working families.”

How touching. But if you do a Google search for Marco Rubio and working class champion, you won’t find much evidence to back up the Times‘s characterization. What you will find — plus people howling in laughter and outage at the newspaper’s stupidity — is a very good piece by the Miami New Times headlined, “Rubio’s Big Tax ‘Win Today Gives Poor, Single Parents an Extra $75 Total”:

Local snail-person and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio surfaced yesterday and briefly set Washington, D.C., ablaze by saying he wouldn’t vote for the much-maligned Republican tax-cut package unless it did more for working families.

Virtually no sane person believed that Rubio, a master political schemer who never makes a decision without knowing in advance how it will benefit him, would actually wind up voting no. And today he got his wish in the form of a modest increase in the so-called Child Tax-Credit program, which gives money back to parents based on how many kids they have..

Single parents making $14,000 per year get a total of $75 back in credits. Thanks, Marco! That won’t even score those kids two pairs of Vans sneakers. They’ll have to pass around the shoes when they want to go to Dairy Queen.

The New York Times. Now officially insane.

(I also highly recommend this New Times article, “Here Are the Dumbest Things Marco Rubio Did in 2017.” Marco 2020!

2/ Speaking of the shitty New York Times, I recently noted the appalling work of its chief op-ed meathead, Thomas Friedman, on his recent travel to Saudi Arabia. He wrote in one column:

I never thought I’d live long enough to write this sentence: The most significant reform process underway anywhere in the Middle East today is in Saudi Arabia. Yes, you read that right. Though I came here at the start of Saudi winter, I found the country going through its own Arab Spring, Saudi style.

Unlike the other Arab Springs — all of which emerged bottom up and failed miserably, except in Tunisia — this one is led from the top down by the country’s 32-year-old crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, and, if it succeeds, it will not only change the character of Saudi Arabia but the tone and tenor of Islam across the globe. Only a fool would predict its success — but only a fool would not root for it.

The crown prince — “known as “M.B.S.”, Friedman noted, probably without even realizing those were his initials — had launched an alleged crackdown on corruption. This crackdown, to anyone smarter than a chimpanzee, was nothing more than the crown prince summarily arresting a few Saudi officials on charges of corruption in order to impress the New York Times and the rest of the global media.

So it was kind of embarrassing over the weekend when Friedman’s own newspaper reported that, in the words of a France 24 headline, “Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption prince buys $300 million French chateau.” That would make it the world’s most expensive home, which Friedman’s beloved MBS bought through offshore shell companies to obscure his ownership.


I guess the dogged reporter Friedman overlooked a few things. Didn’t his Saudi Uber driver tell him about this sort of thing on way to the Riyadh Ritz Carlton?

3/ I love football but I may have to stop watching after yesterday’s robbery by the referees of the Pittsburgh Steelers victory over the New England Deflatriots. Ninety-nine percent of the country knows the Steelers were cheated; only Patriots fans defend the call and frankly I don’t know at this point what pleasure they can take in consistently winning games due to referee intervention.

Not a touchdown. Right.

Give me a break, Patriots fans. If Tom Brady had thrown that ball to Rob Gronkowski in New England, the refs call it a touchdown 100 percent of the time — and rightly so. And if they dared overturn it, it would provoke a White Riot on the part of your shitty team’s racist fan base.

Anyway, fuck football and the NFL. I urge everyone to read Washington Babylon‘s three-part series on Brady’s diet and training fraud, TB12, which I urge all Patriot fans to sign up for. The series’s author, David Bonner, emailed me yesterday with this:

Here’s the latest from the TB12 Method e-newsletter. I know you’ll want to try some of Tom’s mouth-watering vegan recipes!

“In the TB12 Method app, you will learn from Tom, Alex and our body coaches about all 5 pillars of the TB12 Method: pliability, workouts, hydration, nutrition, and cognitive training. The app also generates personalized pliability and workout programs and includes a library of delicious TB12 recipes.”


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