Miami: A Love Poem to the City and the Hurricanes


Well, I had a lovely evening last night watching the Miami Hurricanes stomp the shit out of Virginia Tech. My prediction: because of racism that is brought out by sports, the country will hate the Canes next weekend when they are introduced to a national audience big time, when they face, and will hopefully stomp, Notre Dame.

It’s politically incorrect to say it but the Canes are just too black for America — white people are going to really hate the turnover chain — and Catholic Notre Dame, no matter how or if times have changed, is traditionally a team beloved by “Middle America.” Miami has not had a great team for a long time and the Hurricanes were despised back in the 1980s by the type of people who hate Muhammad Ali and LeBron James, and they will be despised now. Go Canes, stomp Notre Dame!

Anyway, here are a few pictures from last night and this morning. Last night was fun but not without its challenges. If I can draw one moral of the story it’s, perhaps, “Treat people with respect. Otherwise you will have your ass handed to you.”

All photos that follow courtesy of author.

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