Max Xi Blumenthal, Tool of CIA, Imperialism and Neoliberalism, Detained, Tried and Sentenced to 1,000 Years Hard Labor This Morning

General Secretary of Marxist Leninist Bonkerist Party of US (MLBPUS) taken into custody today; after fair and speedy trial traitor sentenced to 1,000 years hard labor


Max Xi Blumenthal, general secretary of the Marxist Leninist Bonkerist Party of US (MLBPUS) Central Committee, president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, was detained, tried and sentenced to 1,000 years hard labor this morning.

Authorities were forced to act after discovering evidence at Blumenthal’s own Twitter, where his profile photo shows him making a speech under American flags, thus revealing his secret loyalty to the CIA and the NED.

Traitor Max Blumenthal appears beneath American flags, thus revealing secret loyalty to the CIA and NED. Fair Use.

An equally devastating piece of information was found at the website of RT, where a 2017 story showed Blumenthal appearing with attorney Bruce Fein, who would later represent him. Fein previously served the US-funded imperialist, neoliberal US government and — even more incredibly — worked in the 1980s as a lobbyist for RENAMO, a group of murderous anti-Communist rebels seeking to overthrow the government of Mozambique with financial support from the elected Ronald Reagan regime.

Today’s developments were shocking news because there was previously no indication that Blumenthal was anything but an independent journalist.

Blumenthal with heroic Venezuelan revolutionary leader Nicolas Maduro. Fair Use.
“Max Blumenthal shares his conclusions after talking with President Daniel Ortega.” Fair Use.
Fair Use.

However, authorities had no choice but to detain, try and sentence Blumenthal because by the Guilt-By-Association logic of The Crayzone, Blumenthal’s satirical website, the Marxist Leninist Bonkerist Party leader was guilty-of-treason-as-about-to-be-charged. Below is an example of The Crayzone logic from Ben Norton, Blumenthal’s sidekick, who will likely also be detained, tried and sentenced given his clear association with Blumenthal.

In this tweet, Norton, aka The MadLibber, dismisses Kevin Lin’s criticism of the Chinese government and his dangerous counter-revolutionary message — “Neither Washington Nor Beijing” — because he works for “an anti-China group funded by the US gov regime-change arm the NED (a CIA cutout) and edits a journal funded by the neoliberal EU.” Now that’s what I call inspired prose.

Ben Norton: Imperialism made me be a hack again. Fair Use.

Note: In a court filing, The Crayzone attorney Bruce Fein calls it “a fringe blog where hyperbolic frustrated partisan screeds are the norm.” That’s got to hurt, though admittedly that’s the most flattering possible way one could describe the outlet. (H/t @axblumenthal and @Sleikjepott.)

Fair Use.

Let’s take another example of The Crayzone logic. There have been numerous, consistent reports that as many as 1 million Uighurs, a Muslim minority group, have been detained and abused in labor camps in China. The Chinese government long denied this but after overwhelming evidence emerged, it acknowledged that it runs what it calls “re-education” camps for Uighurs.

Fair Use.

But The Crayzone dismisses any suggestion that the Uighurs are subjected to systematic repression by China’s glorious government. It rejects all the evidence that demonstrates that obvious fact by saying it comes from Western corporate media, which is completely untrustworthy. (Except when Western corporate media stories support The Crayzone narratives, in which case they can be liberally cited.) Hence, The Crayzone joins with other reputable news outlets, like the far livelier Trotskyist World Socialist Web Site, in Uighur denialism.

Here’s another reason — constantly cited by The Crayzone — that all allegations of Chinese government repression of the Uighurs is false: Adrian Zenz, a leading critic of the Chinese government on the matter, is anti-Communist. That’s right, don’t examine the facts, just cast aspersions on your political enemies. You know, like Richard Nixon. (For the record, I do think Zenz’s politics raise legitimate concerns, but issues he raises can’t be dismissed solely because he is anti-Communist.)

The Crayzone uses the same moronic logic when it comes to Hong Kong. For example, 1) Many Hong Kong protestors have views favorable to the US + 2) The US government supports Hog Kong protestors = 3) Hong Kong protestors are seeking to carry out a “color revolution” against the elected, glorious, May Its Name Be Praised government of China.

Fair Use.

To sum up here, Max Riefenstahl — oops, Blumenthal — and Ben Norton are human detritus and skid marks. And that’s not guilt by association, that’s just the facts.

Coming next week at Washington Babylon. Where do Max Blumenthal and The Crayzone get their money? Hint: Some of it comes from a front group loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Fair Use.

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