Mark and Patricia McCloskey: A Powerful Combination of Dumbness and Sociopathy

"If there's one thing that qualifies a man for public office in the Republican party in 2021 it's a willingness to point a firearm at those with whom you disagree politically."


As a journalist and as a human being, it’s always best to be open-minded and challenge your own assumptions. For example, I’m generally on the left politically but I don’t write off all conservatives or Trump supporters as morons, the way so many liberals and lefties do.

Such haughtiness is ignorant and fundamentally reprehensible. I have many friends and colleagues on the right, and I disagree with them more often than not, but not always. Even when I do disagree, I respect their opinions and don’t assume from the start that my point of view is somehow intellectually or ethically superior.

That said, it’s important to recognize that there are some people — on the left as well as the right — who are actual morons with views too dumb to take seriously. Others aren’t worth bothering with because they’re smart but morally bankrupt and prefer to “win” debates by stirring up emotions rather than with intellectual arguments. I would put Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Sean Hannity of Fox News in this category.

Then there are some people who are actual morons and intellectual and morally bankrupt. Which leads me to Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who last June pulled weapons on Black Lives Matters protestors walking past their home.

Fair Use.

What have the McCloskeys been up to this past year? Daniel Hill of the Riverfront Times had a delightful story yesterday, titled “Inside Gun-Surrendering Criminal Mark McCloskey’s Very Sad St. Louis Rally,” that will bring you up to date.

“Noted local criminal Mark McCloskey played host to a barbecue/political rally on Sunday afternoon, drawing tens of admirers to the sweltering parking lot of a closed outlet mall in St. Louis County,” the story began. “Despite the fact that none of the big names who had been billed to speak at the June 27 event showed up, and despite the fact that ticket sales were so dismal attendance was opened to the public for free at the last minute, St. Louis’ most gun-surrendering lawyer plowed right ahead with the First Annual Pink Shirt Guy BBQ and RINO Roast .”

(Photo of rally above from the Riverfront Times‘s story, by Reuben Hemmer. To view dozens of Hemmer’s terrific photos from this pathetic event, which was poorly attended yet somehow still reminiscent of the Nuremberg Rallies, click here.)

Here’s a brief excerpt from Hill’s story:

Initially, fellow criminal and proponent of armed coups Michael Flynn was scheduled to speak, but he was subbed out for North Carolina Congressman and notably dumb guy Madison Cawthorn, who also did not show up. But the show must go on, as they say, and so we were instead primarily treated to the emcee abilities of former radio host Jamie Allman, who lost his longtime job back in 2018 after taking to Twitter to pontificate about ramming a hot poker up a teenager’s ass.

To read the full story, click here.

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