MAGA Watch: Michael Flynn Suggests Myanmar-Style Coup an Option in the US. Nothing to See Here, Move Along.

Some call it Minamar, but it'll always be Burma to Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Coupster


Retired Army Lieutenant General and former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn is making headlines for saying that the US should be like Myanmar and overthrow democracy with a military dictatorship.

Flynn made his proclamation this past weekend at the “For God & Country Patriot Roundup,” a QAnon grifter confab held in Big D, or as JFK fatefully called it, “Nut Country”.

During a Q&A session, an anonymous Marine stepped up to the microphone and innocently said: “I want to know why what happened in Minamar can’t happen here.” To which Nutter Butter Flynn replied: “No reason. I mean, it should happen here.”

The Roundup (not to be confused with the Monsanto carcinogen of the same name) was put on by a group called The Patriot Voice, which is run by a guy who goes by “QAnon John.” As his official website stated, for just $500 you could get your Q on with “a few days of incredible speakers, awesome entertainment, and pure patriotism!”

One of the incredible speakers, representing the now-dominant Q wing of the GOP, was Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas, who confirmed that what happened at the Capitol on January 6 ain’t no big thing.

Also speaking was the motorcycle-vested Sidney Kraken Powell, who assured the faithful that Donald Trump can be “simply reinstated” as President. She also added to the awesome entertainment by joining some guitar strummers in a rendition of the National Anthem, resulting in the worst impersonation of a Pete Seeger-style sing-along ever captured in a video tweet.

As the Dallas Observer observed, QAnon John initially considered playing down the Q-ness of his Roundup so it would be more commercial. “But he felt vindicated after statements Lin Wood made at the Health & Freedom Convention in Tulsa earlier this month.” (The Health & Freedom Q-grifter event, profiled here at Washington Babylon, has since morphed into a mask-less nationwide “Reopen America” tour, which is coming soon to Anaheim, Tampa, Colorado Springs, and a city near you!)

“Lin Wood made HISTORY tonight in Tulsa,” raved John to his target market on Telegram. “There is NO doubt in my mind about that! Q was not only fully verified, but VINDICATED publicly in an EXPLOSIVE way! This couldn’t come in better timing, as The Patriot Voice will magnify that TRUTH to an entirely new level!”

An astute grifter, John knows his customers’ pain-points. “A lot of people feel lost, confused, lonely. They feel like the plan didn’t work out. They feel like Trump abandoned us. I’m here to you you that is not the case. I’m totally convinced that the plan is still moving forward. I believe this was actually part of the plan, as crazy as that sounds.”

That Marine might be crazy for giving $500 to QAnon John, but I shouldn’t make fun of him for mispronouncing Myanmar. Truth be told, like Kramer, I’ve never been much of a Burma scholar.

So, for enlightenment, I turned to the late George McT. Kahin, a historian who knew a thing or two about it. Dr. Noam Chomsky calls Kahin “one of the leading Southeast Asian scholars, virtually the founder of the academic discipline in the US,” and that’s good enough for me.

After gaining independence following World War II, Burma had “one of the few elected goverments of Southeast Asia,” Kahin notes in his book Subversion as Foreign Policy. However, as Chomsky summarizes, it was not to be. “The Eisenhower administration installed thousands of heavily armed [anti-Communist] Chinese Nationalist troops in northern Burma to carry out cross-border operations into China,” he wrote. “Burma vigorously objected, but in vain. The China forces began arming and supporting insurgent minorities in that turbulent region.” (While expanding production and trade in opium, “ultimately emerging as the world’s major source of heroin by far,” added Kahin.) In response, Chomsky picks up the story, “power within Burma began to shift to the military, leading finally to the 1962 coup.”

The proverbial brutal dictatorship which ensued lasted for almost 50 years, after which the military gave democracy a try before crushing it again early this year, claiming that the winner of the recent election actually lost.

Turning America into Minamar might be merely a MAGA utopian dream, but we’ve already got a good opioid thing going, so we’re halfway there!

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