Liveblogging the Great Debate


1004: Trump: “We put up the American flag.” There is a limit to human degradation. Good night.

1001: Hold on. I want to hear Hillary lie about the Clinton Foundation.

1000: There is a limit to human degradation. Good night.

946: Cubs up 4-0!

941: “I’ve never seen people as distraught” as Bush administration officials with economic collapse. She needs to get out more.

932: “Hillary, you have no idea.”

930: If the US and Russia went after ISIS, that would be great. First thing that either one said that made sense tonight.

929: This is just sad.

928: Ouch. 225K for a speech. But Hillary says she was talking about an electric grid, and also Russia.

926: I’d kill to have Alan Alda back.

922: I thought Trump was going to fall over but it looks like the meth kicked in. Bad hambres. Yeah, I’m hungry too.

913: “Of course, we’re going to defend the 2nd Amendment but I don’t favor kids shooting each other.” Bold.

912: Hillary pandering to gun control types. Game still tied.

911: Hillary pandering to gun owners. Cubs-Dodgers ties at 0-0.

908: Shit, he took a benadryl and a few ludes. Under control.

906: Hillary on the Supreme Court. How many groups can she pander to in 1 minute? I count 7.

859: Fuck, a commercial with Alan Alda. How much worse can this night get?



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