Lazy Friday Playlist: The Miracles & Warren Thomas "Pete" Moore


Before they were “Smokey Robinson & The Miracles” they were simply “The Miracles,” formed in 1958 with original members Smokey Robinson, Warren Thomas “Pete” Moore, Claudette Robinson, Ronald White, Bobby Rogers and later Marv Tarplin.

The Miracles were the first successful recording act for Motown and set the stage for everyone that followed them.

Moore, the group’s bass singer and the second most prolific songwriter in the Miracles after Robinson, died on November 19th — his 79th birthday.

Back in the day when the brothers weren’t “too proud to beg” to the sisters, Moore, along with Robinson, put inner pleas to words that many of us from that era can still sing (or at least try) today.

Rest in Peace & Power Warren Thomas “Pete” Moore.

The original Miracles.

Shop Around (1960) Written by Smokey Robinson & Berry Gordy reached number 1 on the Billboard R&B chart and number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Baby, Baby Don’t Cry (1969) Written by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore & Terry Johnson.

Ooo Baby Baby (1965) Written Smokey Robinson & Pete Moore.

Going to A Go Go (1965) – Written by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore, Bobby Rogers & Marvin Tarplin.

The Tracks of My Tears (1965) — Written Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore & Marvin Tarplin.

I’ll Be Doggone (1965) — Sung by Marvin Gaye. Written Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore & Marvin Tarplin.

Ain’t That Peculiar (1965) – Sung by Marvin Gaye. Written by Pete Moore, Smokey Robinson, Bobby Rogers & Marvin Tarplin.

Since I Lost My Baby (1965) — Sung by The Temptations. Written by Smokey Robinson & Pete Moore.

Baby Baby Don’t Cry (1969) — Written by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore & Terry Johnson.

I’m Just a Love Machine (1975) — Written by Pete Moore & William Griffin.

You Really Got A Hold On Me (1962) — Written by Smokey.
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