Lazy Friday Playlist: Spaced Out UFO

Big Eyed Beans From Venus cartoon – Captain Beefheart Radar Station

[Note: Learn more about cool image above and the genius of Captain Beefheart here.]

Folks, it’s been quite a week! Just last Friday the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) told us “UFO’s are real.” Or did it really? Find out in my guide to UAP Disclosure 2021.

That’s your weekend read, and here’s a bad-ass playlist stacked with some of my all-time faves to soundtrack your journey into this strange New World. Official Washington Babylon Prizes go to anyone who can connect the two CVB songs to the topic. Also, more than one track from Davis Bowie and Sun Ra are just fine because they’re so spaced out and awesome.

If you skip tracks, make sure to catch an important final word from Brother Whitley Strieber in the Outro. \m/, the end.

“It Came Out of the Sky”
Creedence Clearwater Revival

David Bowie

“Cosmic Dancer”
T. Rex

“Rocket Number Nine Take Off For Planet Venus”
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra

“Into The Void”
Black Sabbath

“Big Eyed Beans From Venus”
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band

“Subterranean Homesick Alien”

“The Man Who Sold The World”
David Bowie

“That Gum You Like Is Back In Style”
Camper Van Beethoven

“Somebody Else’s World”
Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra

“Life on Mars?”
David Bowie

“Strange New from Another Star”

King Crimson

Weyes Blood

“New Roman Times”
Camper Van Beethoven

“Another World”
The Chemical Brothers

“The Great Gig In The Sky”
Easy Star All-Stars feat. Kristy Rock

Boards of Canada

“Outro (Mandatory)”

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