Lazy Friday Playlist: I've been up since 5, I'm done for the day


OK everyone, thanks for all the support this week, we’re finally getting things up and running here. I really need a break and am Chillun [Note: The Sarcasm] for the rest of the day.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. In closing, until Monday, mercifully, here’s a Playlist I made  few years back.

I think I’m going to post one, or a top movie list or some such bullshit, every Friday or at least twice a month because it’s pleasant, easy and I need substantive content. Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend and talk soon. And thoughts, feedback and alternative playlists would all be appreciated.

La Isla Bonita/Madonna
Perfect Day/Lou Reed
Take a Walk on the Wild Side/Lou Reed
I Found a Reason/Cat Power
Fight the Power/Public Enemy
Dirty Work/Steely Dan
Hips Don’t Lie/Shakira
Only One/Kanye West
Gimme Shelter/Rolling Stones
Today/Smashing Pumpkins
I Love Rock and Roll/Jesus and Mary Chain
Terra/Caetano Veloso
Soy Loco Por Ti America/Caetano
Alegria, Alegria/Caetano
Beautiful/Christina Aguilera
Party in the USA/Miley Cyrus
Good Shit/Cornershop
Brimful of Asha/Cornershop
Good to be on the Road Back Home Again/Ditto above

And of course I hope you’ve all seen this:

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