Latest Bullshit From Southern Poverty Law Center

This just in on the long-running scare-mongering hucksters that cynically write on their mailers "MARCH OF BLACK SHIRTS NIGH, SEND CHECK NOW"...


I’ve written extensively about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) over the years. To make a long story short, it is a fraud that suckers wealthy liberals — and some not wealthy liberals who can’t afford to waste money — into giving it cash on the grounds that it is fighting the Klan and Nazis.

I hate the Klan and Nazis as much as the next normal person, but neither of these groups are a serious threat. White nationalists, some who are Nazis, are a threat but as organizations the Klan and American Nazi groups are a joke. They’ve been infiltrated by the FBI, have few resources and followers, and are a pathetic group of losers.

IMHO, Jeff Bezos and Amazon (and other business oligarchs, along with the politicians they fund and use) threaten us far more than the pathetic slobs in the Klan and Nazi groups, but SPLC pretends they are on the verge of taking power, the better to extract cash from dip shit liberals.

There are many con artists, on the left and right, among NGOs, but I don’t know of any other non-profits who have hundreds of millions of dollars in its bank account, pays its directors so well — like the horrible SPLC fraud and founder, Morris Dees, who literally used to sell cookbooks — and accomplishes so little.

Criticism of the SPLC typically comes from the right, and I find some of its critics to be vile troglodytes. But not all of them. Here’s an excerpt from an interesting story at PJ Media — and the National Review story I linked to about is excellent as well — which is worth a read:

In December 2018, a Baltimore lawyer filed a devastating lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and two of its employees. The SPLC targeted Glen Keith Allen over his former ties to the National Alliance (NA), a white nationalist group. In doing so, the liberal group allegedly violated laws and legal codes of conduct by receiving and then paying for stolen documents in violation of confidentiality agreements. The group went after Allen with the intent of getting him fired by the city of Baltimore and permanently destroying his future prospects.

Allen’s suit claims that the SPLC should have its 501c3 tax-exempt status revoked, that it owes him restitution for racketeering, and that it should pay $6.5 million in damages. It also references Allen’s pro bono work on behalf of African-Americans and his mentorship of an African-American teen, powerfully rebutting claims that he is a racist.

Read the whole story here. I may not agree with every word — I haven’t finished it — but definitely a good way to spend a few minutes. And for God’s sake, never send the SPLC thieves a penny.

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