Kirsten Gillibrand Bombs in Ottumwa, Iowa: A report from one of Washington Babylon’s team of 2020 campaign reporters


First, we here at Washington Babylon need to apologize to Cory Booker. As my colleague Morris Shenker wrote the other day, he skipped out on a recent Booker Meet & Greet in Iowa because he was annoyed by a letter the senator’s presidential campaign thanked him for volunteering, even though Morris did no such thing.

Lo and behold, yesterday I got the exact same thank you note from the Kirsten Gillibrand campaign.

Kirsten Gillibrand and other corrupt mobsters plot America’s demise.

No shit. Exactly the same note but only her name instead of Booker’s and different details about the two Meet & Greets.

Both came from MobilizeAmerica, which according to its website, “connects campaigns with volunteers” to elect progressive candidates.” 

Gillibrand is a polished speaker, but all she did was pat herself on the back for being so “brave.” Oh yeah, she told some allegedly “funny” stories that weren’t funny at all.

The most fun part of the afternoon was the guy shown below, who was standing in the parking lot when I drove up. Don’t ask me how, but that’s the picture I sent to accompany this story. Weird angle.

When I left the event, he had moved inside, still holding his sign. He and two women were speaking softly about the country’s current elected leader. “The thing about Trump is he’s a billionaire,” said one of the, “He made his billions on his own. He gave up being a billionaire to be President because he loves this country.”

Ironic, isn’t it?

Joni Silverstein is an ex-media executive living in Iowa. She is a political junkie, data nerd and occasionally employed consultant.

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