Kamala Harris’s Appalling Hypocrisy on ICE

One of my very least favorite politicians at the moment is Kamala Harris. I dislike her for a wide variety of reasons: she’s been incredibly damaging to the already marginalized sex work community, she’s a former prosecutor, but most of all she’s a huge hypocrite.
Kamala was on MSNBC talking with Chris Hayes and she had exactly the sort of shitty take on ICE that one would expect a former prosecutor to have. When asked if ICE should exist, liberal hero Kamala Harris said, “Well, certainly. When we’re talking about people who commit serious and violent crimes. Chris, you know my background, I’m a prosecutor.”
She went on to say, “ICE has a purpose. ICE has a role. ICE should exist.”
I found that very interesting when compared to her Twitter feed, which decries ICE’s policy of separating children from their families. So she’s pro-ICE but anti-separating children from their families? I guess that’s possible but it makes her a typically spineless politician, especially when the current outrages by ICE demand denunciation and action.
I consider Kamala to be worthless as a liberal politician. As a former prosecutor, she is basically a cop. I worry a lot about who the Democrats will pick to run against Trump in 2020. If they think they need to pick a woman just to try to motivate those who voted for Hillary, it’s a mistake.
I’ve never been a big fan of Hillary but in my eyes, Kamala is far worse. She’s not someone I could vote for in good conscience and I think a lot of progressives would feel the same way.
I would be happy to vote for a woman in the presidential election, but it’s silly and sexist to expect women to vote for ANY female candidate that’s presented to us. That’s a mistake the McCain campaign made when choosing Sarah Palin, thinking it might lure over Hillary supporters. Sorry, but I could tell the difference between Palin and Hillary Clinton then, and I certainly can tell the difference between Kamala Harris and a progressive now.
She might be fooling some people, but she’s not fooling me.
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