I’m On the Road to Nowhere: Covering Petunia 2020 from Ottumwa, Iowa


My hometown is St. Louis but I’m currently decamped in Ottumwa, Iowa, a town that has its plusses and minuses. Great people. Nothing to do.

Another minus is that every loser Democrat running for President is coming here. So, why isn’t that a plus? After all, I detest Trump so this should be a great spot to be.

Instead, I feel like it’s a front seat to nowhere because the Democratic candidates all pretty much suck. We’ve got a president who has never seen his approval rating much above the low forty percent range, which means he hasn’t done much more than consolidate his base. Seems like the Democrats should be in the Catbird seat but given the nitwits and cretins they have running for the party’s 2020 nomination, I’m not particularly optimistic.

Anyway, being in Ottumwa gives me a chance to see the candidates up close. My first chance came last week when I received an invite to meet Cory Booker, who campaigned here Saturday.

I RSVP-ed but for a variety of reasons was unable to attend. One of the main reasons I couldn’t attend was that the first message I received after saying I would be there is shown below:

To be clear, I didn’t offer to volunteer as a slave laborer for Booker. I just said I was going to hear him speak. Next, I assume, I’ll be asked to donate to his pathetic campaign.

This is the sort of thing that make me proud to support Petunia for president. You can read my last dispatch about her campaign here.

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