If Defeated, Will Hillary Accept Results or Claim Vote was Rigged? Spoiler Alert: It was


Well, a new poll is out that shows that the presidential race is basically tied and it appears Donald Trump has momentum heading into the final stretch. So it seems fair at this point to wonder if Hillary Clinton would accept defeat by the voters. And if she loses and her angry mob of supporters sack Zabar’s on the Upper West Side, will she ask them to stand down?

It would be really gratifying and funny to see Hillary lose, we can almost all agree, but watching Trump win would be godawful. It never really occurred to me before today that could happen. Jesus, that’s a scary thought.

Anyway, on the topic of electoral rigging, consider the study discussed in this Washington Post story, under the headline “U.S. elections ranked worst among Western democracies.” In fact, the 2012 U.S. presidential election ranked 60th out of 180 elections worldwide — around the level of Bulgaria, Mexico and Argentina and far lower than Costa Rica, Lithuania and Slovenia.

The story is by Pippa Norris, a lecturer at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and founding Director of the Electoral Integrity Project. On October 20, she was interviewed on NPR and said the U.S. currently ranks 52nd out of 153 countries worldwide “and it’s the worst of all the democracies.”

Norris is of course a total elitist and it’s pretty clear from her Twitter and her writing that she’s a Hillary supporter. “It is the election for the most powerful leader in the Western world, and some — like the Economist Intelligence Unit — regard Trump as a major risk to global prosperity and stability,” she wrote in the Post story. Gosh, if the EIU thinks something it has to be true.

Look, no matter who wins next week, we already know that the electoral system is rife with problems and the election was rigged from the start, to prevent an independent, credible candidate from running for president. That’s why we’re stuck with these two losers.



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