How To Spot A Deranged Democrat: A Primer

Whether impeachment is in the offing or not, chill the fuck out


I’m traveling today so you may not hear much from me until tomorrow, but we’ve got a lot planned this week, with our final Hack List 2017 story before a final column ranking the Top Ten; a two-part series on Robert Mueller, the sainted head of the RussiaGate investigation, and, hopefully, a serious look at the bizarre diet of Tom Brady and how he sells his idiotic claims to the public for big bucks.

But for now I just want to call to your attention this great article by Crispin Sartwell in Russ Smith’s Splice Today. He thinks Donald Trump is going to be impeached and explains why — I remain highly skeptical — but urges Democrats and the rest of the lunatic #Resistance to chill the fuck out and wait for the process to play out:

Here’s an excerpt:

One of the big problems with the opposition to Donald Trump is that it’s extremely undiscriminating. If you’re Charles Blow, Eugene Robinson, Jake Tapper or Joe Scarborough, every day brings a new outrage that jacks you up to max hyperbole about mental illness, unfitness for office, clear and present danger, and so on. A nasty crack about Elizabeth Warren or CNN seems to worry these people as much as the tax code or the specter of war.

Their problem really is that Trump is radically the wrong sort of person, that he’s constantly behaving “inappropriately” by these folks’ lights, and they’ve dedicated their lives to policing appropriateness. They’re constantly freaking out because they need a presidential president to feel safe. For people like that—people desperate to be blandly subordinated—an inappropriate tweet is as bad as an obstruction of justice, or worse.

A pretty good indication of this inability to make basic distinctions is provided by the pro-impeachment ads of the hedge-fund billionaire Tom Steyer, now in heavy rotation. He doesn’t appear to be actually thinking about impeachment, just about venting a variety of complaints, and it remains mysterious how a television campaign, aimed at people who already agree, could help bring about a real impeachment. Steyer always seems to lead with North Korea, for example, but there’s nothing even remotely impeachable there. Seriously, he appears to think that insulting Kim Jong Un is an impeachable offense.

And he concludes by saying, “One reason I’ll be happy to see Trump go is that CNN and The New York Times will be able to regain a semblance of composure.”

Keep reading the whole story by clicking here.

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