How to Nail and Impeach Trump: A guide for #TheResistance and other idiots


Jesus Christ, do I have to do everything around here? What, I not only have to report the news but I also have to tell you how to use it? Well OK, I really hate to do this but let me again step into the breach.

First off, I have been and remain an opponent of impeaching Donald Trump or otherwise forcing his removal from office, unless really compromising evidence comes out against him. And don’t ask me why, but I have a strong suspicion some amazing stuff will surface next week. Not on Monday or Friday. I can be more specific soon.

Anyway, I believe that Trump has been the target of a mostly illegitimate witch hunt, funded by sleazy Democratic billionaires, since the very moment he legitimately won the presidency. I further believe that impeaching a president without evidence, as the idiots in #TheResistance and many others would do, is profoundly undemocratic. Trump should remain in office — unless actual impeachable offenses are revealed, and I’m not sure they will be as explosive as any new revelations might be — until his term expires. And he should get a second term, if he chooses to run, unless the Democrats can put forth a credible candidate and program.

(Hahahahahaha, yes, I am joking. OMG, I need to catch my breath.)

Hey Meathead, EAT ME. #TheResistance. Photo credit: Wikicommons.

OK. But from a purely cynical perspective it would be a simple matter to force Trump from office, as I will now explain. Trump’s Achilles Heel is that no matter how wrong he is and stupid he looks, he will never back down. This was recently seen in his ongoing war against a war widow, for god’s sake. Here’s an excerpt from a typically dull, bland, voiceless, boring account in the Washington Post:

President Trump on Wednesday revived the controversy over his handling of a condolence call with an Army soldier’s widow, disputing Myeshia’s Johnson’s claim that he did not seem to remember her husband’s name and calling into question the memories of others who heard the conversation.

Speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House before departing for a fundraiser in Dallas, Trump said he called Army Sgt. La David Johnson — who was killed after an Oct. 4 ambush in Niger that is still being investigated — by his correct name “right from the beginning.”

“One of the great memories of all time,” the president said, pointing at his head with his left hand. “There’s no hesitation.”

Trump also said he had not specifically authorized the mission in Niger, which left four U.S. soldiers including Johnson dead and has prompted a slew of unanswered questions about how the mission went awry. 

Look, this is just sad and pathetic, BUT ALSO THE KEY to forcing Trump to resign or lie his way into impeachment, as wrong as I find that approach. What this reveals, from a psychological perspective, is that Trump is constitutionally incapable of admitting fault. If you can engage this unsuspecting bonehead in an argument of substance, where he has something real to hide, he will move into default mode and either lie or prevaricate or fabricate or just not tell the truth. That could lead him into perjury or some other serious legal trouble.

The key, though, is that is has to be a topic of real substance that might reveal criminality and, potentially, high crimes and misdemeanors against the office of the presidency. I’ll have more on this next week.

Hey Meryl, STFU. PLEASE. #The Resistance. Photo credit: Wikicommons.
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