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    Hey! We’re back! It’s been a while but Washington Babylon is back up and running. We’re going to slim down and streamline the site into a newsletter-styled format, which seems to be the very popular method for writers these days. Stay tuned as […]
  • Why Hollywood Sucks: Third Time’s a Charm with “Dune”?
    As a longtime sci-fi cult classic, Frank Herbert’s 1965 space opera Dune is ranked with The Lord of the Rings as a cornerstone of its genre. The size and scope of the two are similar and led many to believe that they were […]
  • Glenn Greenwald Explains How Pierre Omidyar Became a Bad Billionaire — After He Stopped Taking His Money
    Glenn Greenwald took to his Substack yesterday to denounce Pierre Omidyar, the longtime donor to The Intercept, where Greenwald toiled until recently. Omidyar, Greenwald wrote, is a “major financial supporter of Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen’s sprawling P.R. and legal network.” Omidyar’s “central role” […]
  • Colin Powell: Diversifying the Staff of Empire
    The eulogies for former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell, who died October 18, 2021 at 84, are so over-sweetened I am going into diabetic shock reading the headlines. The man was rotten to the core, a cover-up artist drenched in the blood […]
  • What a Shocker! Once Praised Government Officials and Cronies in Afghanistan Turned Out to Be Money Sponges
    Yahoo News has a great story this morning about how Daoud Wardak, originally from Afghanistan, owns a $5.2 million Miami condo and has now bought a $20.9 million mansion in Beverly Hills. The story called Wardak a “semi-mysterious businessman.” Mysterious indeed as there’s […]
  • About That Bizarre Tsarist Wedding in St. Petersburg
    In a yet another demonstration of how insanely revanchist the ruling class of Russia has become, St. Petersburg hosted the absurd spectacle of a Romanov wedding last week. In a B-movie rendition of similar circuses staged by his British cousins, Grand Duke George […]
  • The Final Words of Louis Proyect! Check Out Our Movie Commentary on HERO!
    It was the first day of July and our mutual friend/comrade Paul Buhle inadvertently tipped me off. “My pal Lou, Harvey [Pekar’s] pal Lou, has had some very serious health problems and is, now, not holding back.” Over the course of the next […]
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