Hillary’s Hilarious Poll Meltdown: Plus: Hold it — you mean Trump could actually win?


I don’t know what’s funnier, watching Hillary plummet in the polls and soar in her unfavorable ratings, or watching her media sycophants frantically try to ride to her rescue. I’ll be honest with you here, I would love to see the look on her face come November if she manages the seemingly impossible and historic task of losing to a clown like Donald Trump.

Admittedly, the pleasure would be largely erased by seeing the look on Trump’s face if he defeats Hillary, who, people forget, has managed to win only two elections in her entire political career, both which she bought as a carpetbagger in New York. But let’s cross that bridge if we get to it.

In terms of Hillary’s media sycophants, I don’t know who takes the cake, the Washington Post’s Philip Bump, who has discovered that Trump declared himself ineligible to be president, or the Nerd Squad at Vox, led by Ezra Klein. (Klein himself has been relatively silent lately, but, if you must, check out his July masterpiece of the suck-up genre, “Understanding Hillary: Why the Clinton America Sees Isn’t the Clinton Colleagues Know.”)

Now The Atlantic’s David Graham has thrown himself into the ring with a piece about Bill Clinton that dismisses the mountain of bad news coming out about the family foundation — it’s even better than the Red Cross!!!! — and Hillary’s problems with email. “They make a big deal out of these emails—look, I will not try to disabuse you of that, because I would lose you trying to explain it,” Graham quotes Bill as saying.

That’s good enough for Graham but based on the latest polls, the public doesn’t have nearly as hard of a time following the story.

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