Hillary Dead-Enders Are As Dumb As Science-Deniers. Plus: Who Killed Paul? Solved


The #Resistance is “mad’ at Donna Brazile and Senator Elizabeth Warren, some of you have heard by now. When it comes to Brazile, they are pissed about the former temporary DNC chair’s Politico op-ed regarding the pathetic financial and ethical state of the party when she took over.

Her predecessor, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz —  queen of payday lenders, cut-rate condo brokers and bottom-feeder financial crooks — is far less fit to represent an alleged party of the people than your dog is to be your lawyer. Recall, Debbie had to exit in disgrace last summer right as the DNC convention was kicking off because leaked emails and other evidence showed she was using the party machinery to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

What Brazile found, to sum up what’s fucking OBVIOUS to anyone with a brain, is that Team Hillary had hijacked the DNC, rode it hard and put it away wet. Imagine pretending to be neutral when a chief Clinton FUNDRAISER also was the finance chair of the DNC.

How this guy kept a straight face in public is a mystery as profound as Why, exactly, did The Beatles break up? [Editor’s note: I didn’t know why either until just now.] And here’s another total mystery: how do HRC dead-enders keep a straight face when they say that there’s nothing wrong with the DNC’s efforts to help her win the nomination and bury Bernie Sanders. That one I’d compare to the question of whether this album cover foreshadowed Paul’s untimely death?

But back to the questions about straight faces. The answer is, I have NO FUCKING CLUE.

More relevantly, back to the question, perhaps not yet posed directly, was how outrageous was the DNC’s pro-Hillary tilt? It was bigly — if my editor is using that term correctly here — in addition to being patently insane, inappropriate at best and most likely against by-laws.

But wait, there’s more!!! A string of improprieties so obscene they belong in Wolf of Wall Street or on 42nd street in the 70s. Hillary For America, the Victory Fund asset-stripping the state parties, keeping an entourage of expensive Obama consultants on the DNC teet and of fucking course, knowing full-well the DNC was going to give the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

Rather than thank Brazile, who they had previously thanked for giving Hillary debate questions in advance, the fake-ass #Resistance and related dead-enders are livid with Brazile. The spin, rinse, lie and repeat cycle that went into effect on the day after D(onna)-Day was exhausting even as a spectator. Can you imagine the flurry of calls flying across downtown DC: DNC to comm shop, comm shop to think tank, think tank to troll farm. The whole god damned establishment was in frenzied fix-it mode and burning billable hours in its feverish effort to bury Brazile’s op-ed.

But the usual suspects of the #Resistance and their loyal cultists attacking a respected African-American woman who had been a pillar of the party wasn’t enough. [Editor’s note: I’m less enamored of Brazile and think she’s a hack who used her Politico story/excerpt to sell her new book. What’s more striking, to me, is how swiftly and savagely leading Democratic hacks turned on one of their own.However, I will cede to Mary here.] The same cultish alliance of beltway bandits, paid hacks, sycophants and hangers-ons attacked Senator Elizabeth Warren, who you may recall I mentioned up top, for resisting the DNC’s bullshit narrative by calling out the rigged primary process. The mental gymnastics and masturbation I’m seeing from the likes of kiss right and punch left psuedo-democrats like Joy Reid is nothing short of astonishing.

For example, Reid, in yet ANOTHER BULLSHIT talking point laden tweet-storm of insanity, inanity and intellectual opacity,writes, “not for nothing he wasn’t a member of the party (and still isn’t) not a huge shock that the party both favored and needed Clinton.” Hillary’s Very Own Tokyo Rose propaganda queen was referring to the actually popular and politically viable Bernard Sanders. Here’s another gem from HVOTR: “You have to remember to Clinton had cleared the field for 2016. No one anticipated any challenger, let alone a strong one.” God damn, that’s really putting the capital D in Democratic.

Separated at Birth? Joy Reid’s intellectual forerunner. Photo credit: WikiCommons.

To sum up, WHAT THE HELL?!? Has Joy ever heard of this thing called, y’know, DEMOCRACY? Did Joy skip civics class? If she attended was she day-dreaming about who fucking knows what? I’m seriously asking. [Editor’s note: I substituted ‘Seriously” for “earnestly.” Mary, we don’t ever do anything earnestly at Washington Babylon. On that point, like on keeping the period inside the quotation mark, I cede to no one.] IMAGINE, Reid, A NATIONAL PUNDIT, taking to Twitter and talking about the primary “being cleared for Clinton” in such a “matter of fact” manner. And to *think* this NATIONAL PUNDIT has a significant fan-base. YES, there are actual people who truly listen to this national embarrassment as big as any since future Senator Kid Rock.

I could go on forever with examples of fellow Democrats who defend Clinton at all costs, but I’ll add only one more because it’s just so goddamn hilarious: Candice Aiston, an attorney from Oregon who has to remind us she has a political science degree like every 5th tweet. Her Twitter header, “Nevertheless, she persisted,” refers to Elizabeth Warren when she was seeking to read a letter on the senate floor that Coretta Scott King wrote during the Sessions confirmation hearings.

But just the day after Brazile’s Politico op-ed, when Warren admitted, in so many words, “Yes, the primary was seriously fucked up and basically a vehicle for Team Clinton,” Candice got VERY ANGRY ONLINE with Warren. “Senators shouldn’t spread misinformation to score political points,” she tweeted at her. “You screwed us”.

And that’s just ONE tweet. Imagine thinking it was a bad thing for Warren to speak the truth after a rigged primary election that so catastrophically impacted a rigged general election (in the sense that America is an oligarchy where political democracy is impossible so every outcome is rigged to favor the oligarchs).  And I thought Aiston admired Warren SO VERY MUCH.

I truly could go on for 50 pages with example after example of the cognitive dissonance going on here. At the end of the freaking day, no matter what talking points are used, no matter how many times the faux-“resistance” says, “Hillary SAVED the DNC,” the primary under NO THEORY was “democratic” or “neutral.”

If you have to twist your brain into actually believing this, I say the following:

  • YOU don’t care about the party. YOU don’t care about the 1,100 legislative seats lost across the country, and you sure as hell could give fuck all about reforming the party.
  • We MUST have a party that fights FOR working families.
  • We MUST have a party that FIGHTS Wall Street greed.
  • We MUST have a party that fights deregulation.
  • We MUST have a party that fights for safety nets, not bailouts.

[Editor’s note: I totally agree. We must. It just won’t be the Democratic Party. Which if you read on, as I just did, you’ll see that Mary and I are pretty much in agreement about this.]

The reality is that the party’s leadership has lost its way, and there are 15 articles I could write on that topic, alone. [Editor’s note: Mary, I want them.] The faction of the party that is pro-corporate, pro- deregulation, essentially the DLC/“Third Way” faction, HAS TO GO.

I’ll end this with this. Did Donna Brazile give debate questions to Clinton during a debate? Yes. Was that “okay”? HELL NO. But we owe here a debt of gratitude for stepping up to the plate and AT LEAST saying something. Yes, it would’ve been great if she had said something during the DNC chair race because I’m having serious problems with Tom Perez, but at least she put REALITY out there. I’m also grateful to Elizabeth Warren.

We can’t truly reform the party, we can’t truly move on, until all of this is looked at in a serious manner by every Democrat and every Democratic-leaning voter. And definitely Schumer and Pelosi, you better wake up fucking fast. We cannot fix what isn’t acknowledged and let me tell you, there’s a whole lot of pretending “everything’s fine!” that I’m seeing from your shitty, irredeemable faction of the party.

It SO isn’t and CLEARLY hasn’t been “fine” in a long fucking time.

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