Highway to Hell: Washington Babylon’s Election Coverage 2020


We would have denied the approaching 2020 election if we could, but before the end of 2018 Elizabeth Warren announced an exploratory committee for the upcoming Presidential primaries. Nothing makes me want to drive an icepick in my eye more than the thought of another election.

Elizabeth Warren Senate portrait/Public domain

People are still relitigating the 2016 primary and have been EVERY DAY since Hillary Clinton lost to the biggest, most embarrassing sack of cells one could ever imagine. Yet here we are with the early drama of Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s progressive bonafides being examined (rightfully so), and establishment media wastelands like Politico are playing headline games.

Beto O’Rourke government portrait/Public domain

They say misery loves company, but it also loves political commentary. Therefore, I dedicate my miserable self to dumpster diving through the gutter trash of Election 2020 for Washington Babylon until our next stable genius is crowned. Allow me to catch up you to where we are on the road to 2020.

For the Republican party, we are parked at the White House and will probably remain there throughout. Republican Party officials have initiated efforts that can essentially hamper or shutdown a primary process. The national party voted to eliminate the debate committee and South Carolina party officials are floating around the idea of not holding a state primary election – this is fitting and certainly not surprising coming from the party who hates democracy more than anything else.

On the Democratic side names are being floated left and center. Beto, Bernie, Brown, Bloomberg, and Booker makes it sound as if this primary will be brought to us by the letter B; except we also have Warren, Gillum, Hillary, Harris, and more. The media is churning out speculation pieces on certain potential candidates almost daily.

Recently some pundits and influencers beat the early drums for Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke, who gained notoriety with his U.S. Senate run against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. The noise for O’Rourke, whose political history is relatively unknown, prompted investigative journalist David Sirota to look into his donors and voting record as a representative in Texas. Sirota’s reporting caused Democratic insiders like Neera Tanden to unjustly claim journalists like Sirota and WAPO’s Elizabeth Bruenig coordinated a joint smear of Beto to protect a progressive favorite, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Neera Tanden/CC BY 2.0

Tanden gawked at the idea of different outlets covering the same topic at the same time, which is odd considering we learned in the leaked Podesta emails that Tanden herself coordinated which reporters and media they would use to run favorable content of Hillary Clinton. The backlash to Sirota’s reporting proves the media-controlled efforts we witnessed in ‘16 will be unabashedly repeated again in the upcoming primary.

The manipulation by the media continues, with Politico jumping out ahead of the pack with an obvious effort to attack Bernie Sanders and re-ignite smears of sexism and misogyny previously lit by the Clinton camp. Last week they published this, Bernie alumni seek meeting to address ‘sexual assault’ on ‘16 campaign.  When carefully read, it reveals the alumni seeks the meeting to address sexual assault reported on multiple campaigns, including those of Hillary Clinton and Senator Kamala Harris. The meeting with Sen. Sanders is requested to discuss sexual harassment ahead of the upcoming election and to work with him, not to point fingers at him. The point was missed by Clinton grandstanders and the headline was enough for them to validate their idea of Sanders being a misogynist. Of course absent from their discussion is the known fact that Hillary Clinton did actually cover for a staffer accused of sexual harassment on her 2008 campaign. [Editorial note: Also consider reading our column by Sydney Leathers about a recent miniseries pertaining to sexual harassment in a certain administration.]

This is where our coverage will begin. Stay tuned to my column as we travel down a highway of hell en route to the White House.

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