Highway to Hell: Socialism or Barbarism

Melissa pauses for a rest stop on the highway to contemplate one of the more exquisite inquiries in socialist thought...

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Instead of writing the weekly update on the candidates running for 2020 this week, I want to take a moment to talk about the election at large. Presumably every past four years, pundits talked about how the country faced a turning point for that presidential election.

However, this upcoming election not only comes with the proverbial turning point, but it exposes the need to define the directions with more clearly. The choice we must make now is bigger than the Republican and the Democratic agenda.

In 1915’s The Junius Pamphlet, Rosa Luxemburg, (misattributes a quote to Engels) but still made the crucial observation “Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to socialism or regression into barbarism.”

Rosa might as well be explaining the crossroads we find ourselves in now. We are running out of time to continue with the middle of the road ideas and to apply policies in increments. The income inequality gap will continue to widen. Human-made contributions to an environmental apocalypse will continue. Affordable healthcare and equal access will continue to be unaffordable and accessible to millions. Paychecks will stretch LESS between paydays. White nationalism will continue to expand, and we will mourn the victims of the minority and disenfranchised communities who are targeted by the hate.

Think about that kind of world: catastrophic weather, hate crimes more fluid, increased poverty, and more people dying due to lack of coverage and access. Simply put, barbarism. It is not hard these days to find examples of this dystopian society taking shape.

However, there are solutions: a New Green Deal, Medicare for All, higher wages, taxing obscene wealth, unionizing our entire workforce. Simply put, socialism. Folks, we are at a point where we have no other choice.

Image by Rob Sussman

In the SOTU address, President Trump made socialism the clear opposition to his agenda for our country. In doing so, he made barbarism his ultimate agenda. This is more than a turning point. Either we make a hard turn left, or we continue on our hard turn to the right. There is no middle-lane option, we have traveled too far right.

Dr. Noam Chomsky on Luxemburg and Spiritual Transformation

Socialism or Barbarism? What are you going to allow?

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