Hey Shane, Take a Hike! Is Bauer a Repeat Offender?


Back in around 2010, there was a slang term for questioning the circumstances behind Shane Bauer’s arrest on the Iranian border: Hiker Hate. And now, for some reason, the term is back in vogue. And not Vogue magazine, but back in fashion thanks to WashingtonBabylon.com‘s recent article, “A Sliver of Truth: The Curious Case of Mother Jones’s Shane Bauer.”

Besides the great reader response, it seems that Bauer caught wind of our first installment. Needless to say he wasn’t pleased — and special thanks to Jimmy Dore!

Bauer’s most sycophantic trolls, some affiliated with the fiction publisher Bellingcat, soon began blowing smoke out their asses to defend their hero’s truth virginity. Thankfully, my editor Ken Silverstein and I had no problem shutting them down and they quickly STFU.

Meanwhile, Bauer — who was busy all day denying the truth of what I wrote without denying any specific fact — wrote about the layoffs at The Intercept and Edward Snowden archive closure, like many others. Glenn Greenwald is a contemptible fraud, but it’s inexcusable that Bauer would make homophobic references about him, seemingly because Greenwald blocked him on Twitter back in October.

One of Bauer’s most prized tropes as of late is Assadist, which he previously leveled at the great Seymour Hersh. He also has a bug up his ass for 9/11 Truthers — despite telling one of his Iranian prison guards, “I don’t think Bush did it. He might’ve known about it beforehand.” And it just wouldn’t be a good show without Bauer tossing about his own patented red-brown horse shit.

The Twitter refrain was perfectly clear though.

Incidentally, this was not Bauer’s first rodeo, as pointed out by the official Hiker Hate profile.

Also, consider that while working for the Yemen Observer in 2005, Bauer teamed up with James Brandon, then with the Christian Science Monitor, and wore disguises to get through enemy checkpoints. These disguises were so brilliant that the hapless Bauer and Brandon were arrested and detained for 12 hours.

Their 22-year-old fixer and his uncle, who was driving their vehicle, were detained for a month. What’s even more peculiar is that James Brandon had been kidnapped, roughed up and released in Najaf hardly a year earlier. Suffice it to say that Bauer, like Brandon, is very much a creature of habit.

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