Hey, Pelosi, Perez and Chuck: STOP Listening to Horrible Donors! Oh, I forgot, you're HORRIBLE people


It was just another average day on Twitter for mega-Democratic donor, MEGA-IDIOT Stephen Cloobeck, who, if you haven’t heard of him, has various and sundry real estate interests. I’ll focus here on the chronic legal problems of the Nevada Jockey Club, which is just *one* example of his greed and grift of epic proportions. (Incidentally, the term jockey club developer is gross in itself.)

So, this fail of an ethically-challenged man goes on MSNBC and has the bright idea of blathering on about what Democratic Party leadership “needs to do.” Cloobeck’s “advice” to elected Democratic officials like Senator Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi all boils down to one thing: be EVEN BIGGER CORPORATE WHORES.

I’m not a trained medical professional or a therapist, but I swear to freakin’ Christ that leadership taking this idiot’s advice is the WORST thing they could do. But y’know, this is the same brain dead leadership that has watched as Democrats have lost 1,100 elected seats over the last 9 years. Their reply: NO BIG DEAL.

Nomiki Konst, a Bernie Sanders surrogate and appointed representative of the Democratic Party Unity Reform Commission, was clearly not happy with Cloobeck’s asinine pro-corporate“ideas” for the party. Particularly since she is quite literally on a committee that is supposed to IMPROVE THE PATHETIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

Mr. Mega-Donor even felt the need to respond to Ms. Konst directly when she asked on Twitter how much he pays in taxes. I’m not going to bother talking about what his tweets at her said –other than that he called he “sweetheart” and told her to “shut up” — but suffice it to say they were moronic and offensive.

Look, the party has a problem with the donor-class — it kisses its ass on a daily basis to better grovel for cash — and needs to have a message that would actually excite labor union members and other real people. So listen Democratic marketing geniuses, why not *try* something really popular like Medicare-For-All or any other universally liked program that doesn’t have some onerous, insulting and nonsensical means test?

High-profile Democratic women rushed to Ms. Konst’s defense, right? Of course not.

Joy Reid, Neera Tanden and Joan Walsh — party hacks that screamed for two years about how “Bernie Bros” are “sexist” — sat back and let a wealthy middle-aged male shit head abuse a FELLOW FEMALE Democrat. TOTAL SILENCE. 

PARTY Leadership *still* listening to blowhards like Cloobeck is a SERIOUS PROBLEM. So is the cowardly attitude of women in the party who should have been the first to defend Ms. Konst.

We can’t sit by and allow a donor — especially a moron like Cloobeck — to “dictate” fucking policy — and definitely not allow him to behave like a pig in public. That’s for DAMN sure.

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