Glenn Greenwald’s Deleted Tweets on Russia and His War With WikiLeaks

Credit: Glenn Greenwald. Twitter/Fair Use.

Well, well, well.

Glenn Greenwald won’t respond to questions from Tim Shorrock or I about what he knew and when he knew it about The Intercept. He also refuses to turn over or comment on what a source of mine claims are tweets he deleted about Russia and WikiLeaks.

In fact, for some mysterious reason, it looks like Greenwald — a tech expert, right, based on his work with Pierre Omidyar in obtaining and locking up Edward Snowden’s NSA treasure trove? — deleted all of his 2015 posts about Russia.

So let me just post some screenshots of the alleged deleted tweets, in no particular order, and then I’ll ask Greenwald once more for comment.

Why would Glenn have deleted all of these tweets? Hope you have better luck getting him to comment than I’m having.

Coming next: Greenwald’s deleted posts about Ukraine from 2014.

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