Gilligan’s Island 2.0


Classic tv shows such as Bewitched, The Addams Family, Charlie’s Angels, The Brady Bunch and others have been made into motion pictures in recent years. And now it is Gilligan’s Island’s turn. But Gilligan’s Island 2.0 (which will be appearing in serial form here before it will be shot for the silver screen) has a highly contemporary feel. For now, however, I am only at liberty to divulge information about the characters and the setting.

Unlike the original tv show, which aired on CBS from 1964 to 1967, the new Gilligan’s Island won’t be set on a tropical island. The island in the new show will be a restaurant; one lonely restaurant that becomes an island after a massive storm and flood wipes out a large section of Manhattan. Yes, dealing with catastrophic climate change, pollution, and extinction, among other contemporary issues, Gilligan’s Island 2.0 will be something of a dark comedy.

Because the show will be set in a restaurant (one that the cast will never be able to escape from), and there will be neither cruise nor ship, the character of the Skipper will be a chef. Likewise, the bumbling Gilligan will be a waiter. The character of Maryanne in this updated version of the classic sitcom will be the restaurant’s manager. Rather than the farm girl of the tv show, the new Maryanne will be a Palestinian woman studying environmental science in New York. The rest of the characters will be patrons of the restaurant who become stranded when the unprecedentedly powerful storm strikes: the professor, unlike the one from the tv show, will be an Angela Davis type radical; and whereas the movie star on the tv show was a glamorous woman, the new movie star will be a male movie star known for his action hero roles. This, I can assure you, will lead to no end of hilarity. Rounding out the cast will be the updated version of the millionaire, Thurston Howard III and his wife, Eunice “Lovey” Howell. The new millionaire, though, will be a billionaire — one whose money will be all but useless in this new world of never-ending calamity. And his wife, well, there’s no agreement yet as to whether she will be an older woman, a young woman or even a woman at all. Stay tuned.

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