Get Smart: Donald Trump Is Putin's Agent? Not so fast — Hillary Clinton Is


Actually, neither of them are, obviously. Both Hillary and Donald are just conventionally corrupt, venal politicians with longstanding ties to Russia and so in the current environment their enemies find it quite handy to smear them as Putin’s Patsies.

This is just a quick item to state the obvious because I routinely disparage the idea that Trump is being played by Putin, for example here, where I write:

Has Putin played Trump like a fiddle? Indeed, he has. Is Trump a stooge of Putin’s? I don’t believe it for an instant, he’s far too much of an Alpha male to be anyone’s witting pawn.
As far as I’m concerned, up until now the entire RussiaGate investigation is politically motivated and is an effort at regime change on the part of Democrats and other discontents who oppose Trump. Hey, if you don’t like Trump, beat him at the ballot box with better ideas, don’t quietly spend millions of dollars to remove him from office and pretend you have the country’s best interests foremost in mind.
The idea that Trump is in Putin’s pocket is routinely tossed around by the New York Times, (formerly known as Mother Jones) and other media outlets clamoring for regime change. But there’s a similar hysteria on the right about Hillary Clinton’s alleged ties to Russia and Putin, as most recently evidenced in the renewed uproar about an old uranium deal with Russia that was brokered during the Obama years. As the New York Post recently wrote:

[Loony Tune GOP Senator Lindsay] Graham also wants a criminal probe into whether Russian money helped grease an Obama ​administration​ deal that gave Moscow a financial stake in US uranium production.

“I think we need a special counsel to investigate the Uranium One episode where thousands of dollars were given to the Clinton Global Fund and to former President Bill Clinton from groups tied to Russia,” he said.

Was the Uranium One deal corrupt? Of course it was, it involves Kazakhstan, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Canadian businessman Frank Giustra, one of the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation, aka The Poison Dwarf because he’s an allegedly crooked little man with a Napoleon complex.
Does that mean that Hillary, who was secretary of state at the time the deal went down, is in the tank for Vlad? Of course it doesn’t. Look, Hillary used the Clinton Foundation as a pay-to-play operation, and that should be investigated because it appears she was selling American foreign policy to the highest bidder.
But she wasn’t just selling access so Giustra could get rich in Kazakhstan nor was she turning global uranium supplies over to Vlad and Russia because she’s a traitor. She did it because she’s crooked and she, her family foundation, Hillary and Chelsea were involved in the same sort of sleazy quid-pro-quo deals in Colombia, India, Haiti and on and on.
In short, Hillary was chasing a buck, not selling out her country — which is exactly what Donald Trump has been doing as a global businessman all these years (before becoming president, where he is seeking to maximize Trump family profits now and in the future). Neither is a spy or agent for Russia,Saudi Arabia or even Norway — they are just classic fraudsters, grifters and financial con artists.
Look, RussiaGate already has an entire fearful nation clinging to the cliff-edge of sanity, so can everyone just calm the fuck down?
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