“Farting”: Buy It Directly From President Trump’s Favorite SCAM PAC

Buy it today, do not delay. A Popeil's Kitchen Magician is free if you order in the next 15 minutes.


In 2015, then-candidate Donald Trump “railed against his opponents and the political committees raising huge sums to try and boot him out of the primaries,” the Washington Post reported on May 8. “They’re in total cahoots with their [super] PACs, which they’re not allowed to be,” Trump told the newspaper at the time. “They’re all in total cahoots. They put their friends in there. One good thing about me: I’m not.”

The story continued:

But on Tuesday, President Trump made a sharp about-face: He publicly endorsed America First Action, a super PAC run by his allies that aims to raise millions of dollars to ensure his second term. “There is one approved outside non-campaign group, America First Action, which is run by allies of the President and is a trusted supporter of President Trump’s policies and agendas,” the campaign said in a statement Tuesday.

Now here we are just two weeks later and a new and at least quasi-approved Trump SCAM PAC opened its doors, in a manner of speaking, right smack in the middle of a relatively poor area of Washington, D.C. a few minutes walk from where I live.

It’s called the America First Network, and its’s based at 6218 Georgia Avenue NW. I walked by and took these pictures. The first shows the storefront where it is headquartered and there’s obviously no PAC, SCAM or otherwise, operating there. The offices were closed so I took a picture through the window. Note in the second image below that Trump’s SCAM PAC carries the book “Farting,” just in case you want a copy.

I guess the SCAM PAC set up shop in a poor neighborhood so it could create jobs for African-Americans and immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. Maybe President Trump and D.C. Mayor and Gentrifier-in-Chief Muriel Bowser can pull an Ivory and Ebony here and create a Development Enterprise Zone to help out poor folk. (For the record, I always hated that song.)

Here is the SCAM PAC’s registration filing with that ferocious watchdog, the Federal Election Commission, better known as the toothless FEC.

And check out this shot from the same FEC registration.

Amy Dickerson is the custodian of record for this SCAM PAC but if you call that number it’s a Google Voice account and the message says, “Hello, this is Lisa.”

I’d also note that designated agent Chris Mark lives in “Washington, Kentucky.” I’m guessing that’s a Freudian slip and he’s from the Bluegrass State, but like I said, that’s purely a guess.

I did definitely discover through a Google search that the America First Network SCAM PAC is closely linked to a right-wing, pro-Trump Birther named Ed “Eddie” Fertik.” The guy’s got a great CV.

You can follow Ed on Twitter if you like. He’s fair, balanced and apparently unhinged.

Of course, there’s absolutely no connection between President Trump and Fertik and the SCAM PAC.

Oh, if you want to know what the FEC does, here you go, I got you covered.

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