Exclusive Video: Louis Proyect Contacts LaRouche Followers in NYC!

Louis Proyect engages with followers of the late Lyndon LaRouche in Manhattan!


On my way back home yesterday, I spotted a LaRouchite table at the same place near my high-rise on the Upper East Side that they usually occupy.

LaRouche circa 2006/Image by Museras (CC BY-SA 3.0)

I hadn’t seen them in over a year and stopped by to ask them if I could take their picture. Go ahead, they said. I had more ambitious plans, however. I wanted to do a video based on an encounter with them, something that had never occurred to me before even though I used to like to stop and give them a hard time for a minute or two before heading up to my apartment.

This time I wanted to put them at ease so I could allow them to deliver their usual spiel, something many of my readers have never seen given their relative obscurity as opposed to thirty years or so when Lyndon LaRouche was on TV all the time. I told them that I was in Columbia SDS in the sixties and used to go to his lectures—a total lie. I also told them that I read Dialectical Economics: An Introduction to Marxist Political Economy, which was only a white lie since in my ongoing series about LaRouche, I found it useful to get to the bottom of the theories that morphed into his later fascist ideology.

Finally, I was struck by how much the interviewee’s emphasis on high culture and restoring humanity’s faith in itself, combined with their technocratic obsessions, dovetails so neatly with Spiked Online. LaRouche and his cohorts emerged out of a certain distorted version of Marxism as I pointed out in the first installment in my series on LaRouche. A veteran of his movement who goes by the name of Hieronymus Hedgehog wrote an analysis of Dialectical Economics: An Introduction to Marxist Political Economy that I highly recommend. Although I would never mistake LaRouche’s politics with those of some of the young people writing on ecology for Jacobin, I only hope that they would read the Hedgehog’s article just to make sure they don’t go too far with their nonsense.

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