EXCLUSIVE FAKE NEWS: Nancy Pelosi Loves USA So Much She’s Spending Her Own Money To Save Us All


A source recently passed on to me a fundraising pitch sent via email to potential Democratic suckers — I mean donors — by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Boy, I was practically moved to vomiting — I mean tears — by Pelosi’s heartfelt plea for cash.

Here’s her pitch, lightly edited:

I’m coming to you for the sixth time this week because I have an urgent update for you. I have bad (ok, TERRIBLE) news: Trump and his Republicans are attacking me left and right.

Meanwhile, they’re raising unprecedented sums of money — $26 MILLION in just one month — to defeat Democrats across the country. But now I have good (ok, AMAZING) news:

For the first time this month, I’m personally TRIPLE-MATCHING all gifts until the End of Month Deadline in just 24 hours. I’m still $462,12O short of my goal, but I know I can count on you to help us complete a stunning comeback right now.

I’m desperately counting on you to answer my repeated calls to action and step up before tomorrow’s important deadline.Will you chip in $1 to protect and expand our Democratic Majority?


Triple match your $1

Triple match your $35

Triple match your $50

Triple match your $100

Triple match your $250

Or triple match another amount.

Thank you,


Is Pelosi personally triple matching all donations out of her own pocket, other than the zero that she hopes to raise through $1 donations ? I seriously doubt it though she easily could afford to since this Woman of the People’s net worth is over $100 million. So I hope the House Ethics Committee (hahaha) begins an investigation soon to determine if Pelosi honors her pledge.

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