The Jeffrey Epstein Non-Conspiracy Theory


It’s always best to doubt the official stories told by governments — they all lie — law enforcement agencies, and the media, but I don’t buy the tale that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in prison by a cabal determined to silence him. I also don’t think that his chief procurer of young women and girls, the vile Ghislaine Maxwell, will be killed in prison by that same alleged cabal.

Nor do I think that the murder of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas’ son and the shooting of her husband are connected to the Epstein case, a theory which immediately circulated on social media after the two were shot at the family home on Sunday by a man named Roy Den Hollander.

Hollander was subsequently found dead in his car, of what media reports say was a “self-inflicted gunshot.” I believe the media reports are probably accurate and that Hollander wasn’t a hit man dispatched by the cabal, but was a deranged misogynist and racist targeting Judge Salas.

I could be wrong — like I said, it’s always good to be skeptical of the official story — and maybe what I’m writing now will have been proven to be incredibly stupid by the time it’s published Wednesday morning. (In which case you won’t be reading this anyway, because I’ll have pulled it and deleted it to protect my credibility.)

But it’s also good not to immediately jump on every conspiracy theory that surfaces, which is every few minutes or so nowadays given the paranoid times we live in, combined with the scourge of social media.

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Epstein, we all can agree, was a twisted sicko who preyed on girls as young as thirteen and pimped them out to his friends with the help of Maxwell and other enablers. He was friendly with Bill Clinton and Donald Trump — much friendlier with the former, sorry to disappoint — and a host of other powerful politicians and business officials. He was arrested in July 2019 on charges of sex trafficking minors and was found dead in his cell at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center on August 10, 2019. The official cause of death was suicide by hanging, but suspicions were understandably aroused because two guards were not at their stations outside his cell at the time. Also, two CCTV cameras outside his cell reportedly malfunctioned so there’s no recording of his death.

That should raise questions, no doubt.

But I’d ask why if there was a cabal seeking to silence him why it waited so long to kill him, and only after he was in a jail cell. Police began investigating Epstein in 2005 — 15 years ago — and he served time in Florida for 13 months a few years later. (His short sentence resulted from an incredibly sleazy deal cut by Alexander Acosta, the former United States attorney for the Southern District of Florida and later Trump’s Labor Secretary.) He had been free for about a decade at the time of his arrest and there would have been countless opportunities to kill him without having to do it after he was residing in a jail cell. Epstein tried to commit suicide about a week before his death. So how did the cabal botch that?

Epstein had plenty of reasons to kill himself. He was an incredibly wealthy man who thought he had escaped justice, and instead found himself in a rat and roach infested jail cell. He was almost certainly going to be murdered by fellow prisoners at some point, so why not commit suicide (the leading cause of death in U.S. jails and prisons)?

After Maxwell’s arrest, plenty of people immediately began speculating that her days were numbered and that she would soon be killed, just like Epstein was, the theory goes. She was arrested only a few weeks back, on July 2 at a lavish estate she’d recently purchased in New Hampshire, so it could still happen.

But again I have to wonder why the conspirators would have waited so long. Whatever threat Maxwell posed (in the form of secretly recorded videos or other records tying powerful figures to Epstein’s sex trafficking network) could have been been extinguished long ago. And why not kill her on her New Hampshire estate and feed her into a wood chipper instead of once again having to arrange her murder in a jail cell? The latter is so much messier and dangerous to the plotters.

On Sunday came the attack at Salas’ house. Immediately afterwards it was linked on social media to the fact that the judge had days before been “assigned to handle a class-action lawsuit from Deutsche Bank investors who claim the company failed to monitor ‘high-risk’ customers including late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.”

But now we have learned that Hollander is a lunatic self-described “anti-feminist” attorney (and Trump campaign volunteer) who has long hated Judge Salas. From The Atlantic:

Den Hollander’s insults toward Salas were included in a 2,028-page collection of writings he posted online in 2019 under the username Roy17den, a handle that mirrored his Twitter account, @roy17den, and the email address he used both in personal letters and in court filings.

“Female judges didn’t bother me as long as they were middle age or older black ladies,” he writes when discussing a lawsuit he filed that went before Judge Salas, the first Hispanic woman appointed a federal judge in New Jersey. “They seemed to have an understanding of how life worked and were not about to be conned by any foot dragging lawyer. Latinas, however, were usually a problem—driven by an inferiority complex.”

Did Epstein have ties to the Mossad or some other intelligence agency? I wouldn’t rule that out.

Are there powerful men who Epstein — too late now — or Maxwell could yet expose?


But whatever dark secrets remain are unlikely to ever be revealed because government officials will protect the culprits, so there’s no need to murder the witnesses, and if there was it would have been done long ago without a fuss.

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