Eleven Minutes With Sam Husseini on Distinct Possibility that Covid-19 Originated in Chinese Lab


Sam Husseini has been a lone voice in progressive media who has dared to ask a question otherwise designated as a reserve of the right: Could the Covid-19 virus have originated in a Wuhan lab which has a history of cooperation and funding from the US for biowarfare research?

In a number of columns, published at his Substack and at a few outlets including Washington Babylon and Counterpunch, he has intensely explored this ridiculously taboo question. His most recent article, “Crucial Points on Pandemic Origin Debate,” raises some challenging ideas that cannot be simply brushed aside as conspiracy quackery. I recently sat down for a conversation with Husseini to explore some critical questions. These include:

  • Has the US scientific and public health community covered up their role in a germ warfare program that Dr. Anthony Fauci insisted the National Institutes of Health (NIH) should participate in following the 9/11 and anthrax attacks of 2001?
  • Did Fauci lie to Senator Rand Paul this summer about “gain of function” research, which seeks to turn dangerous viruses into bioweapons?
  • Rather than being a malicious attack by China on the US, is it more likely that the Wuhan bioweapons research, begun twenty years ago when Beijing and Washington were on cordial terms, represents an entirely new and frightening front of arms proliferation?
  • Are the Chinese being framed by both Democrats and Republicans, implicitly by the former and explicitly by the latter?
  • Why should the onus for investigation be placed on the Chinese Communist Party while a plethora of US agencies, including the NIH, the United States Agency for International Development, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, certainly could provide plenty of information that would make clear whether Covid-19 emerged as part of a joint Chinese-US bioweapons program centered on “gain of function”?

As Husseini made clear during our conversation, surrendering this discussion to the right is intellectually dishonest and political suicide. If the Wuhan lab theory be proven to be correct it will be a feather in the cap to the far right, which is bent on war with China. Washington hawks would surely use this as an excuse for additional saber rattling against Beijing.

No matter what their politics, journalists, and especially those on the left, should pursue the question of whether Covid-19 originated in a Wuhan lab. Has that been proven? No, but as Husseini makes clear, there’s too much evidence pointing that way to ignore the very real possibility. Exploring the question does not make you an “imperialist” and “warmonger,” as China’s moronic allies on the infantile left would have it, it’s simply good journalism and intellectual honesty.

Episode 29: Sam Husseini on COVID-19’s Lab Origins

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