Eleven Minutes With Rebekah Entralgo Fernández on Economic Inequality and Essential Workers


Rebekah Entralgo Fernández is the managing editor of the Institute for Policy Studies’ Inequality.org website and newsletter. She previously covered immigration, labor and tax policy as a reporter at ThinkProgress, and later led communications and media strategy at Freedom for Immigrants, a national nonprofit working to end immigration detention. Follow her on Twitter @rebekahentralgo.

I recently talked with Entralgo for 11 minutes — and believe it or not, this is really and truly 11 minutes, not the usual 15 or 20 — about the sickening economic inequality that now is the central feature of the US (and global) economy, how essential workers are particularly vulnerable and victimized, and what policies we need to address these problems. Personally, I’d prefer the guillotine but Entralgo proposed more practical, if less satisfying, options.

By the way, in introducing Entralgo, I thanked her for being on 11 Questions. That’s an annoying mistake. The reason that I made it was that just prior to recording, she agreed to do a Seven Questions interview a few weeks down the road. In the end, it was a minor error and a great interview.


Episode 12: Rebekah Entralgo Fernández

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