Eleven Minutes With Professor Johnny Williams on Glenn Greenwald, Cancel Culture, Troublemakers and a Brief Aside on the Nation of Islam


Johnny Williams is “awesome.” That’s according to not only me but also a former student of his at Trinity College, where he teaches sociology. “Professor Williams is an amazing person and for that he is an absolutely outstanding professor,” the student wrote. “He will shame you for not putting in effort. He is tough because he wants to see the world change, he believes in the power of young minds. Take advantage of his classes and open your mind to new things, it’s completely worth more than getting an A.”

Awesome AND controversial. That’s my kind of professor. Fair Use.

I recently spoke to Williams, who specializes in social movements, political sociology, cultural sociology, systemic white racism, science and religion about Cancel Culture, Glenn Greenwald and other useful idiots, and, briefly, the Nation of Islam. I recently posted an interview with Askia Muhammad, Senior Editor and former White House Correspondent for the NOI’s official newspaper, The Final Call. I asked Williams for his thoughts about the NOI. “Minister Louis Farrakhan had the interests of Black community in mind and was basically a decent man, but it is a Black capitalism outfit that buys into U.S. capitalism,” he wrote to me in an email (and he has more to say in the interview). “The Nation really is not a threat to American capitalism because it is pro-capitalism.”

It is well known that the FBI infiltrated the Nation in the 1960s and played a role in foisting a split between its then leader, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Malcolm X. Check out documents posted by the NOI about this by clicking here. Williams said he would not be surprised if the NOI was “still infiltrated and manipulated by law enforcement.”

Incidentally, Greenwald, Matt Taibbi and other Cancel Culture Bros portray themselves as victims of a smothering political correctness — despite the fact that they have massive followings and earn lavish riches via Substack. This is a sad joke. If you want to talk about being cancelled, look no further than Nation of Islam members and Minister Farrakhan. The former are portrayed in the press as a group of dangerous extremists and the latter as a modern-day Hitler. I have some problems with Minister Farrakhan — I’ll have more on the NOI and him in a short item later this week — but I agree with Williams that the Nation is an important religious and political group, and that Minister Farrakhan is a force for good in the Black community.

Enjoy this great interview with Professor Williams and Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You).

Episode 4: Johnny Eric Williams
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