Eleven Minutes With Peter Beattie on Cancel Culture, Bernie Sanders and the Differences Between the Left Brain and Right Brain, Politically, Psychologically and Creatively

Spoiler Alert: The Left Brain is Better, IMHO


Peter Beattie is an assistant professor of political psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I recently talked to him about about many topics, among them the differences between left and right, both in terms of political thinking and creativity, and how that sheds light on the post-Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign US left. By the way, Cancel Culture is relevant to that, as we discuss in the interview. You can find Beattie’s academic work here. Sadly, his paper on anti-Semitism and opposition to Israeli government policy has become topical, yet again.

Beattie’s other achievements and experience are hugely impressive, and include being Associate Editor, Journal of Social and Political Psychology. His latest research found — “HOLD ON TO YOUR SEAT,” he jokingly wrote in a message about it – that Bernie Sanders supporters in the primaries had more knowledge of environmental, foreign policy and economic issues than Joe Biden and other establishment candidate supporters. I asked him if there was any reason for that beyond the obvious, i.e. that Sanders’s supporters were younger and have more brainpower? “Except brainpower, except insofar as brainpower is helpful in picking better information sources,” he replied. “I think it’s primarily a story of information exposure — once you’re informed about these issues, Sanders is the obvious choice.”

OK, that’s it for the introduction. Here you go with the interview.

Episode 7: Peter Beattie
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