Eleven Minutes With Patrick Hilsman About The Grayzone, Aaron Mate’s Recent Propaganda Visit to Syria and Bellingcat


Patrick Hilsman is a French-American freelance journalist and researcher who regularly reported from Syria between 2012 and 2018. His work has been featured in Al Jazeera, The Intercept, Middle East Eye, Quartz, WHYY and Alternet. He has also conducted multiple in-depth investigations of war crimes and weapons traffic. Follow him on Twitter @PatrickHilsman.

Patrick Hilsman. Fair Use.

I recently interviewed Hilsman about the cretins and Syrian war crimes apologists at The Grayzone, led by Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton and Aaron Mate. I wrote here about that latter’s recent propaganda junket to Syria, in a story titled “Dipshit Does Damascus.” Others have criticized Mate too, including Joshua Frank of CounterPunch.

Hilsman has been a fierce critic of The Crayzone dweebs as well. He recently was interviewed at The Young Turks about that outlet’s “journalists,” but listen to my conversation with him first. So, here you go. Enjoy, share and mock.

Episode 19: Patrick Hilsman

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