Eleven Minutes With Mike Elk of Payday Report on His Labor Reporting and His Legal Battle Against the NewsGuild


Mike Elk, one of the best labor reporters in the country, is the founder of Payday Report. He’s been busy covering the largest strike wave in the US since 1946 and his work has been cited by NPR, the New York Times, The Economist and film director Boots Riley. Earlier this week Elk sued the NewsGuild, “alleging he faced retaliation after he notified the union of sexual misconduct allegations against one of its leaders,” as this story at Poynter.org put it.

Mike Elk. Fair Use.

Elk and I discussed his coverage of the NewsGuild and his lawsuit. We also talked about refusing to be shamed about mental health issues. Follow Elk on Twitter @PaydayReport, contribute to his publication here, and enjoy our interview by clicking on the icon below.

Episode 21: Mike Elk
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