Eleven Minutes With Human Rights Lawyer Sarah Kay on the Domestic “War on Terror,” January 6 and White “Replacement Theory”

"There were crowds chanting for an end to US democracy. That should send shivers down everyone's spine."


Sarah Kay is a lawyer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is a researcher on counterterrorism and human rights at Queen’s University, Belfast. She is also the ambassador of Sparte to Byzance, according to her Twitter. You can follow her @K_interarma.

I want to make clear that this Sarah Kay is not the human rights lawyer named Sarah Kay who was killed in her hometown of Belfast in the great TV series The Fall. Or is she? Compare the pictures below. One is Sarah Kay, the human rights lawyer in Belfast. Another is Laura Donnelly, who played Sarah Kay, now deceased, from The Fall. Yet another is Gillian Anderson, playing Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in The Fall.

Fair Use.
Fair Use.
Fair Use.

Who is who? Does it matter? Think about it when you have a minute.

Meanwhile, check out the great interview with Sarah Kay by clicking below. The interview runs a bit long, partly because I botched the introduction as the caffeine from my gigantic cup of coffee had failed to penetrate my brain an hour ago or so when we recorded the interview. Sarah did a great job, anyway, so it’s worth sticking around until the end. Enjoy.

Episode 20: Sarah Kay
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