Eleven Minutes With Doug Henwood on “Take Me to Your Leader: The Rot of the American Ruling Class”

The guillotine or hard labor? There are only two possible destinations for our current rancid oligarchic overlords


Doug Henwood edited Left Business Observer and is the host of Behind the News. His latest book is My Turn. He’s also one of my favorite journalists, thinkers and economists (Marxist, like Doug, or of any school). I recently had a fast interview with him about his new story — see headline above for the title — in Jacobin.

We talked about the particularly rancid nature of the current American ruling class — i.e. Bill Gates’s household staff of 1,600 and Jeff Bezos’s “support yacht,” which will serve as a landing pad because his larger $500 million yacht has sails so large that helicopters can’t land on it — and briefly squabbled about its preferred fate. Doug proposed hard labor while I put up a spirited case for the guillotine.

1793 execution of Marie Antoinette

You can listen to the full interview here.

Episode 2: Doug Henwood
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